Palm Sunday

This year, Palm Sunday falls on 1st April 2007. The feast commemorates an event - the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem in the days before his Passion.

Mass will be celebrated at Sacred Heart Church, Inobong by Rev. Fr. Alex Sipanul at 7.30am. All are welcome!


Station of the Cross

Station of the Cross in one of the houses at Kg. Inobong Proper

We received a surprised visit from Rev. Fr. Thomas Makajil
who happened to be on vacation - Thank You Father!


"Male Elephant Caught, Collared on Plantation"

Dr. Rosa and her team operating the translocation of 'Mr. Gomantong' to Lot 6 of Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary - Photo by WWF-Malaysia/Francis Jessius

Dr. Symphorosa Fidelis Sipangkui (left, in blue t-shirt) is from Inobong Proper.


Sexy Nuns?


Dewan ICCC Inobong
is the place they held the talks last Sunday, 04.03.07

"why do you believe in first holy communion?"
did anybody answer? none. the audience kept quiet
but I know one or two would like to answer but according to them
they will tell the sister when they meet her again :)

"natagad no nangku ih piasau?"
anyone? could you give the answer? marah sudah si mastar tu :)