From Dubai to London

Welcome to London!

This is the first pic I've taken of London from the plane
which is about to land

It shows that the Queen is in the Palace!

It looks an antique building but actually most of the buildings there
are almost looks like this

I like the tree behind me ;)

School kids doing outdoor activity

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

The London Eye

The Tower Bridge

The memorial of Diana and Dodi in Harrods


Father's Day Part 2

Wah....siap ada part 2 lagi tu hehehe

Anyway, nothing much actually. It's just that I'm so happy and greatful for all the blessing I received. To make the story short, saya kena numbur lagi ;)

How I came out with this number? Well, on the Father's Day, while we were taking breakfast at Donggongon, my dad call my sister. I asked my sister to pass the handphone to me, then I talked to my dad "Pa, selamat hari bapa!!" My dad as usual replied, "ada kana numbur kah?" I told him, "mana ada..."

After that, I came with an idea! I wanted to buy my dad's birthday. His birthday is on the 26th November and that's how I came out with that number '2611'. And to my surprised, it came out in STC and won Special Prize :D

Thank you Dad for the gift and blessing! Love you always!


Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to hubby
thanks for the treat today ;)

Tonight, dinner at my dad's house



Congratulations to Aaron and his wife, Adwina




Holiday in Dubai

I finally can upload our pictures taken during our holiday recently. I hate the resizing and water-marking hehehe. Anyway, here it goes...

Camel ride during Safari Desert Excursion

group photo with friends

doing the Heena Painting, it only last 10 days though ;)

at Red Mountain Supermarket selling all kinds of nuts, sweets and spicies

the Jumeriah Mosque
[the materials used to build this mosque were imported from Italy]

the Burj Al Arab

the biggest shopping Mall in the world

St. Mary's Catholic Church
[managed to attend Mass in Dubai!
Notice that they didn't put up a cross on the church?
It is because the church is located next to a mosque]

dinner in a floating restaurant, met a special man

visited Dubai Museum on the last day

had our lunch here

the Atlantis Hotel

outside the Hotel Atlantis

inside Atlantis Hotel

and finally, the Burj Al-Khalifah

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