In Memory of Sr. Sylvia

My last posting was about Mother's Day. My mom went to the Philippines to be with my sister who was very sick that time. It was indeed the last Mother's Day celebration for my sister as she was called eternally by the Lord after that.

Prior to my mom's visit, my younger sister and I visited her. We tried our best to make it the most precious and memorable moments with her. We knew that she was in great pain but tried to hide it from us. We never heard her complaint. She was a great sufferer!

There are many things to say but I just can't go on.

On May 22nd, 2011 at around 11.00pm, she went Home to meet the Lord. My mom was beside her and her passing was peacefully. Pope John Paul II was there to guide her journey. I believe she is now in heaven, in a good hand of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Today, is her 6th month anniversary. May her soul rest in peace.

"Syl, I really miss you!"


SM St Michael Penampang Achieves a Hattrick




SM St Michael Penampang Tops in Teen Agro Award


Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all moms out there
a very Happy Mother's Day

and especially to my mother
you mean the world to me!
you sacrificed a lot for us
and you never complaint

this year is the first time I don't celebrate mother's day with her
she is with my sister in Manila
my sister is so fortunate to have her there this year :)

May the Good Lord bless my mom
and take care of her always
may good health and good fortune
be with her always too


A Blessed Easter

Christ is Risen!
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!




St Michael PMR 2010 Top Achievers


Gong Xi Fa Cai

Wishing one and all a very prosperous Chinese New Year
I hope you all receive more angpow this year ;)

as usual, we went to our mom's house
for CNY's eve dinner
she prepared all this food just for us
"love u so much mom!"

not only this
my kids also received angpow from her

finally, we ignite our lantern and let it fly away
the kids love this very much
our wish is
"may good health and happiness be with my family"





St Michael Won Contest on Water Vision



May Her Soul Rest in Peace


First Day

Today we celebrate
'The Holy Name of Jesus'

Also today, Xander's first day of schooling
he enrolled kindergarten in St Theresa Inobong

He was sent by my mom
and she told me, he cried once
but soon after that
he was seen making friends

I called him after school
and he told me he likes school
he has many friends
he ate bread and rice :)

When asked why he cried earlier
his answer was
"because my mommy was not there"
[well actually his mommy was there with my mom,
but she went off as soon as he settled in the class]


The Epiphany of the Lord

Today is the Epiphany of the Lord
which means 'the appearance'
The Three Wise Men
followed a star
which led them
to the place where
Jesus was born

They knelt down and worshiped Him
They also presented Him their gifts of
Gold, Frank-incense & Myrrh

May today opens our heart
to accept the appearance of Jesus
in our lives!

Also, today is my 24th anniversary
Thank you Lord for everything

My choice of brunch today

followed by a cup of white coffee...yummy


Happy New Year 2011

It's a new day
It's new year
It's my first entry of the year
and today is Solemnity Mary Mother of God

We attended the first Mass of the year
at Sacred Heart Church Inobong
Rev. Fr. Isidore Gilbert was with us

After the Mass
we spent a few minutes with Mother Mary at Grotto
to thank Her for everything

Happy New Year 2011
May God Bless us always