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Daily Express dated 25.11.2009


Computers for St. Theresa School Inobong

YB Tan Sri Bernard Dompok donated 3 PC's to St. Theresa School, Inobong
My son said, too bad he is leaving this school - no chance to use them :D



She was my mom's aunt (my grand-ma's sister)

May Her Soul Rest in Peace


I am Proud of Him!

The 7 students who scored 5As posing with their Principal, Mr. Raymond Misin

Remember this post? Ya, I posted it last year when my son was still in Primary 5. And this post also related.

Last Thursday, we attended their 'Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang 2009'. That day itself, their UPSR result came out. I was shocked and couldn't believe it when the teachers approached and congratulated me. They told me my son scored straight A's. I didn't want to believe it. Not until I see the slip. Unfortunately, the result slips were still with another teacher who went and took them at the Education Department. [I only get the slip yesterday morning at his school]

My son, during his days in Primary 6, never scored A's. He was just an average student. I always advised him to do well but I didn't push him. I was scared that it would be burden for him. One thing about my son, he never studied or do revisions at home! When you asked him to do so, his reply was "Enough of studying! I've studied at school". I didn't send him for tuition either but he had extra classes at school. Thanks to all the dedicated teachers at SRK St. Theresa Inobong.

All I wanted from him is to pass the UPSR exam. But he gives more than that! He scored 5A's! Congratulations to you my dear son!! Do not stop learning. Continue your good effort. My prayer will be always for you and also to your sister and brother.

What about the present he asked for?? He is no longer interested with the WII. He had changed his mind. This time he asked for a Piano! Aduii! mahal tu geng! Camana mo tunai permintaan dia ni??

But by the way, during the Anugerah Cemerlang ceremony, I won four lucky draw prizes. Ain't I'm lucky? hehehe



He was the brother of my sister in law
May His Soul Rest in Peace





She was the Mom of my friend, Jacinta
May Her Soul Rest in Peace