Breakfast at King Du - Part 2

I usually have my breakfast at King Du. I like their kon-lau-men.

But recently I had bad experienced. While eating my kon-lau-men, I noticed something shiny. When I extracted it, it was a wire brush [use to clean kitchen's utensil like pot]. So I called the towkay. He quickly removed my plate. I told him, I don't want a replacement coz I'm in a hurry going to work.

When I pay at the counter, I thought, he won't charged me for the mee or at least he gave me a discount. He still charged me for the mee. Goodness me! Not even an apology from him. He just said, "itu amoi cuci periuk tidak kasih bersih betul-betul bah" *#%&^#@*

After I paid, I didn't say a word. I just left. But I promised to myself, I won't ever go there again!


St. Michael School Did It Again

St. Michael School Penampang is the first school
to have a Hevea Science Park



Congratulations on your wedding day

Mr Moses Damianus
of Inobong, Penampang
Ms Mailin Honny Sipijoh
of Buit Hill, Putatan

Ms Mariana Jovita Benjamin
of Inobong, Penampang
Mr Alan Dean Hartley
of St Thomas Exeter Devon, South West England

Mr Philip Jake Ukim Jr
of Tanaki, Penampang
Ms Beatris Poingin
of Tampasak, Babagon


Supernatural Season 4

Tonight is the night!!!

Dean & Sam Winchester came back to my life LoL....

but before that

I'm gonna watch The Amazing Race Season 15

currently I'm following the only all-female team

Maria Ho and Tiffany Michelle

both shows are on AXN!