Dart Competition

Our Puspanita organized a Dart Competition yesterday. I am not good in sports. In fact I'm that useless in Sports Department :lol: But my colleagues insisted me to join. Well then, I joined for fun. And fun it was. They had a good laugh when I made my throws. I didn't get any point in my first three throws!

Posing for the album
(L-R) Zuri, Eli, Bibe, Jun, Naincy, Yati, Ana

(L-R) Nancy, Winnie, Wong S Y, Juli
Winnie is the champion! She is our Puspanita Chairlady

They lined-up waiting for their turn
(Stella & Sheila sempat posing for the camera)

The busy judges
(Naincy & Jun)

It looked like they were having fun
(R-L) Shima, Aini, Jessy & Mary

Mary doing her throw
I voted her for the best dart-player :)

Aida, the last one who turned up and the most unique dart-player
She didn't get any point from her first throw
until her last throw, she strike bull's eye!


Tag No. 2 - 5 Thingys

I was tagged again but it's different from the first tag. And this time, it was Cay who tagged me. I wanted to this as soon as possible coz I'm afraid I'll totally forget doing it :)

Anyways, here it goes...

Q1. What were you doing 5 years ago?
I'm so forgetful. But I'm sure, there must be good and bad things had happened in my life. But most of all, I thank God that I made through those years!

Q2. What were the 5 things on your to do list today?
1. Attend morning Mass
2. Send my son to school
3. Go to work and clear my in-trays (as I was on leave yesterday due to the flood)
4. Check my e-mails
5. Apply half day leave today coz I'm sending my mom to see somebody

Q3. What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
1. Crispo (keropok udang)
2. Fries
3. None
4. None
5. Actually, I'm not into snacks ;)

Q4. What are 5 things that you would do if you were a billionaire?
1. Settle all my loans (this is priority) :lol:
2. Tender my resignation (I'm a billionaire, remember)
3. Invest
4. Travel around the globe with my family
5. Last but not the least, donate for charity

Q5. What are 5 jobs you've had?
1. Baby-sitting
2. Clerk at Penampang Mission
3. Clerk at a Legal Firm (my practical training)
4. And now a loyal government servant (how I wish I'm really a billionaire!)
5. Would be a retiree (when I get my billions!)

I think, for now, I'm gonna skip tagging people. Maybe next time lah kio :D

Waterfalls in Lampaki, Inobong Proper

Listen to the sound of the waterfalls. It's a therapy for our mind especially when we are in stress :)


Our Adventure Part 2

We continued our journey. I was always left behind coz as usual, I was busy taking pictures :) See the bushes in front of them, it was my mom's abandon piece of land. I didn't know until my hubby told me it was actually belong to my mom.

I laughed out loud when my youngest son thought that he found green apples! I explained to him that those were actually 'biji getah' yang masih muda. Kalo yang sudah tua, the colour should be brownish.

I just love this one. I've taken many shoots. There were a few buffaloes at the abandon paddy fieled with the birds (Kandavai - Kadazan name for the bird).

Another challenge for us. An old bamboo bridge. Yes, it was really old and we were actually so scared using the bridge. But all of us managed to cross it *clap! clap!*

This is not just an ordinary leaves. My hubby said this is actually a traditional medicine. If you experience itchiness on your body, just use this leaves and it can be cured like magic!

Look at them. So eager. They didn't even want to look back. At this point we can already hear the waterfalls.

The stream. It looked so fresh. We freshened ourselves here.

And finally, the waterfalls! But where are the children? They were already up there. I was the last one to arrive, remember :) I've taken a video of this waterfalls. I'll upload later.

Here they are! Our adventure should stop here. We should turn back and go home. But my hubby told my kids, if we proceed climbing the hill, we will end up at my dad's kebun. What? I was so tired already and I wanted to go home. But my children said they wanted to try. Oh dear!

My sister in law and her children turned back and went home. They didn't want to go. At first I wanted to follow them but my children were already up the hill. I have no choice but to be with them. Just look at the hill. It was steep and slippery. We started climbing at 5.30pm and reached my dad's hut at around 7.00pm and it was already dark. I was so tired to take pictures :)

ps. I'm at home blogging. Why? Because I didn't go to work. The only road we are using is flooded again!


Blogger Award

This is my first Blogger Award
Thank you to Cay for giving this lovely award

It has been done according to the following rules:

1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.
2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to the blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

So now, I'm forwarding the same award to:

1. Jacq
2. Anderson
3. Joyce
4. Hilda
5. Mogintua


Our Adventure Part 1

My hubby said, he wanted to go to our kebun. My children also wanted to follow. I don't want to be left out so I said, I want to go too :) My hubby called his sisters whether they are interested to go or not. Everybody wanted to go. Then it became a small group.

It was raining heavily so I thought my hubby will cancel our adventure. But after an hour waiting, the rain stops.

Our journey began here. Look how steep the hill is. But that is nothing. We haven't reach our destination yet.

Our first stop. My hubby found the territory ground. He also found out that the owner of a nearby land had taken a few meters of our land.

Then we continued our journey. It was slippery due to the rain earlier and some of them slipped off. We went down deep until we found a small river.

This was the real challenge of our journey. Look at my sis in law's son (in blue rain coat). He couldn't move. He was scared that he might fall down for the second time. It was very steep indeed. He waited until my hubby came to his rescue :) We called this place as 'virgin jungle'

While waiting for our turn to cross the small river, we found this fruit. My sister in law said this fruit is edible. It tasted sour but it should be sweet if it is ripened.

Our second stop. We found the marked stone. We planted flower near the stone so that next time it's easier to locate.

This was our final stop. A tree marked with red colour. I couldn't go nearer so I just zoomed my camera.

We found villager's fish pond.

Tired! and they were resting. Yes, I really mean resting coz our adventure is not over yet. The children were eager for the next journey coz we would be going to a waterfall!

To be continued...



I took a day off the other day. I need rest from work. So I decided to visit the new hyper mall in Sabah. It is located at Jalan Sulaman near the Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Everybody is talking about this so I must go and check for myself. The reason for this visit was not to shop, though. I was told that everything is expensive and it happened to be true. So, we did window shopping only :)

Sabah new mall - 1Borneo Hyper mall
My first impression when I reached there, the mall is similar to KLCC

Since I brought along my nephew, the first spot we went
the Boo Boo Land

It was Thursday, so the place was not crowded
my nephew had the whole place by himself

Merry-Go-Round for small kids

After spending a lot of money at Boo Boo Land
we dropped by at Daiso, the most popular shopping lot
coz everything is RM5.00 only!

My nephew loves Mickey Mouse but he was scared to see the giant Mickey
my son had to accompany him for this picture taking

It was almost 3.30pm and we were starving!!

We had chicken rice!

and look who is tired..he fell asleep as soon as we had our lunch


I've Been Tagged by Dora

Like I told Dora, I've been reading this tag in people's blogs and it's fun reading them. When it's my turn kena, I was like, alamak! can I do this? This is my first tag so harap-harap semua ok :D

1. When you buy a greetings card, are the words or the picture more important to you?
- Picture first then the words.

2. What's your favorite kind of cake?
- I'm not a cake lover but I usually order carrot cheese cake for my children

3. Do you ever make gifts for people, if so what, or do you buy them?
- I don't have the talent to make a gift, so I normally buy them or just give angpow

4. What's you favorite holiday?
- I'm confused with this one, but I like Christmas

5. Are you going on holiday this year?
- I've already cancelled two holidays this year (Manila & Terengganu).

6. What was the best party you've ever been to?
- It is quite some time now I didn't attend any party.

7. If you are married, describe your wedding. If not, what would your ideal wedding be like?
- A simple white wedding at Sacred Heart Church Inobong. Our marriage was solemnized by Rev. Fr. Thomas Makajil. The reception was done at my parents' house. It was a wet and quiet reception coz it was raining and there was a funeral (a neighbour of ours passed away).

8. What's the most romantic thing that's ever happened to you?
- This question really made me think hard :) I don't remember actually. Everything is romantic :lol:

9. What's your favorite girls' name?
- erm..how about Gwynth? :)

10. What's your favorite boys' name?
- Ferrer and Erlvyn (it was like telling my children's name, kan?)

11. Which celebrity would you like a dream date with?
- Must it be a guy? I would love to meet Britney Spears so that I can share some parenting tips to her :D

12. Which female celebrity do you find beautiful? Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston?
- Why must these two? So, my answer is, neither

13. Which male celebrity do you think is attractive?
- Johnny Depp?

14. What is your best character trait?
- *think hard again* - I don't have the answer :)

15. What is your worst habit?
- Forgetful

Finished! thank God it's friday hehehe. What shall I do now? Should I pass this tag to anyone? Any volunteers please?


Don't Offer 'Duit Kopi'

Picked from an email:



If you have ever paid or are thinking of paying ' Coffee Money' when stopped for traffic or other offences, DON'T EVER Do This Again.

The traffic department (JPJ) has recently started a campaign to be rid of corruption. Every Officer on duty will be rewarded with RM100.00 if they report each case of bribery to the department.

This is how they do (trick you into) it. They will note down the details of your IC/MyKad, and ask you how you want to settle ( 'Macam mana nak selesai?')

If you indicate yes or even offer to give them any money, they will report the incident by rejecting your 'Kopi Money' and get the RM100.00 instead as an incentive for their integrity and 'Honest' pubicity.

This means that You will end up having a summon issued to you and perhaps a charge for bribery.

SO DON'T PAY DUIT KOPI AGAIN, especially if you hope to go free with a lesser amount of money compared to the fine. Even if you want to pay over RM200, the JPJ Officers would rather have a 'good' name than to take your kopi money.

Just beware of their trick because the cops are now accumulating 'cookies' points for their promotion and pay increment - with your help if possible.
They should have done this to stop corruption long time ago... but anyway it's better late than never, right?



Cartoon by Langkawit

Need I explain what's going on? Hahaha. We usually complain barang naik, beras naik, petrol naik but when come buying lottery we never question the price kan?

When was the last time I strike lottery? I'll post later :D

Updated : 19 July 2008

I bought 4D last May
the number is the Car Plate Number belongs to my cousin, Liza

We checked the result

Four days later, I went and claimed my winnings :P


Welcoming Dance at the Zoo

When we arrived at the Zoo, there was a performance of Mogunatip Dance in welcoming the crowds.

I managed to video-taped the most popular dance besides, Sumazau in Sabah. Enjoy...




Lok Kawi Wild Park Part 2

Here are the few pictures I took at the Zoo. There are many actually. I might upload them in Slide. But these are my favorite ;)

This bird posed for me :)

In a big crowd, I managed to take this picture

This Orang Utan also gave its best posed for me

This one too!

My sons hold a snake!

A wooden bridge located at Botanic Garden

The only Cafe, I think

Thank You, Come Again!