Scam or Spam?

I've been receiving SMSes recently, in fact still, until now. I feel irritated and really fed-up with those. How to stop this??

The SMS read (un-edited) :

(RM0) NEW YEAR SPECIAL. Sila activate MMS & GPRS anda dan dapatkan 3GP/MP3 heabat sekarang. Htr ON FUN ke 32711. Yuran Perlanggan adalah PERCUMA.
Sender : 60167925493

Promosi TM~Streamyx~ ari RM20 sbln. MODEM PERCUMA. TIADA HAD LANGGANAN utk pakej terpilih. Call 0193268833
Sender : 60162858194

Dptkan Gambar dan Video rahsia di bilik hospital dan tepi pantai. Pasti Syok! htr ON FM ke nombor 33112 utk movie. ON HM ke nombor 33112 utk gambar. Free Reg!
Sender : 60146413326

RM0.00: Ketahui RAHSIA-RAHSIA SEKS WANITA. Taip ON RAHSIA & hantar ke 36036. Talian bantuan 0361417041
Sender: 36036

CNY Unlimited Special. Please active your GPRS and download MP3/3GP now. Type ON FU send to 32324. Free Registration Now.
Sender : 60149394643

Minat Video Clip Hebatku Yang Panas? Cepat Taip ON Ni Dan Htr ke 32338. Jgn Biar Saya Menunggu, Yang. Pdftrn FREE. Ini Msg FWD.
Sender : 60164787525

bro, happy new year! Try ni 4D Tips: Type ON DPS & send to 32616. 4DResults: Type ON RST & send to 32616. free subscription! Cunla! i kena 28,000 last mth...
Sender : 60102017354

I also received a warning from DiGi:

Public Service Message from DiGi. We advise our customers to ignore any SMS promising cash rewards and cash prizes from unidentified sources
Sender : DiGi

Of course I ignore SMSes as above. Open and delete. I don't even read them. But there are too many of them coming in. Sometimes, I'm in a middle of doing something then an SMS came in. When I retrieved the message it was those scams :(


Chinese New Year Open House

My BIL and family who live in Pogunon
invited us to a CNY's eve party

The children were singing a CNY song?
nope! they were singing a praise and worship song

We had a lot of kuaci, oranges, langsat, kuih etc..

We also had Stanley, Tawny, 5 Loads etc.. :))

On the first day of CNY my BIL and family
who live in the centre of InobongProper
also had an open house

BBQ in progress


and the children did it again
praise and worship

We found a big butterfly
old folks say, it means many visitors will come to the house
would you believe it?


Christmas & CNY Party

Last Thursday, we organized a belated Christmas party at our office
some say, better late than never ;)
yes, it was done very late coz many of our office mates were still on long holiday

And since it was near to CNY
we celebrated the occasion together

the happy mood :)


Gong Xi Fa Cai


Counting our Blessings

This is actually an old story. I was asking to myself "Should I or shouldn't I post this?" After doing so much of thinking, I said, hey! I am just a human being. I'll forget. I better post this so that I would remember. Who knows, one day my grandchildren or my great-great-great grandchildren will read my blog and will say "ahh..miracle do happen!"

Here's the story:

My daughter sat for her PMR (Form 3) examination last year. Every time when I asked her how she did, she just replied 'okay'. On the last day when she finished the exam, she told me "Mom, I think I screwed up" I asked "all papers?" She answered "one or two". I asked again "what papers?" She didn't reply.

Actually, I didn't stop praying for her. Before, during and after the exams. I was asking for a miracle. I know God had answered my prayer before with my son sitting for the UPSR and I'm 100% sure God will fulfill my prayer again. Amen to that.

The result came out on the 30th December. I took a time off to accompany my daughter to collect her result. A day before, my hubby had promised to my daughter that he will give RM50 for each A she gets. I asked him "Can you really afford that?" He said "I'll find a way".

When she emerged from the school, she wasn't smiling. She entered the car and gave the result to us. She really screwed up two subjects which she got B's'. The rest, she got A's. Silently, I gave thank and praise to the Lord. I congratulated her.

I have to censor the other numbers, nanti my hubby marah hehehe

Here's another miracle. The day before the result came out, my hubby went and buy 4D (it was a special draw). He was hoping to win so that he can pay to my daughter as he promised, just in case! And you know what? He really did win. He won RM400. Enough to pay to our daughter, RM250! The rest of his winnings, he belanja us at Euro fun fair.




Brush Calligraphy

Last Sunday, we went for jalan-jalan at Gaya Street
CNY is just around the corner
so we are very sure
Gaya Street has a lot to offer ;)

Then we came across to this one
this gentleman is doing a live brush calligraphy
it attracts a large crowds

Most of the crowds asked him to draw their Chinese zodiac
We were amazed of his talent
and I think we spent here for hours watching him
we are his new ardent fans :)
he even took pictures with us
don't blame me if our picture came out in a Chinese Newspaper LoL

We asked Mr. Philip Kok to draw
a rooster for my daughter
a pig for my son and
a buffalo for my youngest son
(some says it's an Ox but I told Mr Kok, I prefer a buffalo)


Supernatural & Lost

I am addicted to this new TV channel. It's an AXN Beyond@809 But sadly, it's a promotional period which will be ended on the 18th January.

Well, never mind. I'm enjoying it while I can. My favourite series are Supernatural season 3. I have never fail to watch this series since season 1. Last time it was being aired at AXN channel. I just love supernatural things :))

And the other one is Lost season 4. The show is getting better and better. I really wanted to see the finale of this series. My cousins have uploaded all seasons both Supernatural and Lost from the internet. But ndak siok if watch over the PC bah! Watch TV lagi bagus LoL


The Finale of Our Christmas Caroling 2008

Believe it or not, they were singing all out that night. Maybe they knew, it was the finale of our caroling

The second voice - tidak minta kalah juga ;)

The third voice yang kesian, only three of them left. Joel my nephew abandoned them and joined us in second voice :))

The Christmas Cake

My bro in law, the 'tuan rumah' in action

The Salapa Band members minus Cladius Moikon who couldn't make it that night
The Christmas Party was jointly-organised by The Salapa Band
I heard, for the year 2008, they collected thousands of ringgit (5 figures!!)

The childrens of the Salapa Band received Christmas gift in terms of ang pow
untung ni, jadi anak pemain band hehehe

Later that night, they revealed their 'Kris Kringle'. We had this activity where we picked secretly family members' name through ballots on the 20th December. Those name must be kept secret until Christmas Day. Their duty was to pray over the person they got, prepare a gift and reveal them on the Christmas Day. This was actually fun. This also actually encouraged everybody to pray to one another

Oppss..sorry..some of the pictures were blur
they were a bit active bah that night :)

Happy ka tidak ni?

The twins with their gifts

You looked happy with your gift

Is that a scapular?

I forgot what this boy got. Could it be the cap?

Ehem..dearest hubby got a deco from Ah Chai ;)

Bless you Nia!

Leona got a hand-bag as cute as herself

Is that a piggy bank, Eva?

They were really having fun

Happy faces among the cousins (The Salapa juniors)

Some showed-off their talent ;)

With this, I wrap up my post on Christmas 2008. Until we meet again on Christmas 2009. Take care folks! And may the Good Lord bless us always!


Happy New Year 2009

Wishing everybody a blessed and prosperous New Year, 2009!!!