60 Minutes Earth Hour

I'm not sure whether my neigbour knew about this campaign
or they were not home that night, maybe their maids saja yg ada ;)

It looks like ridiculous
but I did it anyway
in fact I was happy that we participated in this campaign

Looking around from my window
one or two of my neighbours did it
but many didn't

Come on people





Alamak, terlebih sudah! So, to those of you yang ada amah or pembantu rumah please be careful. Jangan abaikan anak-anak nanti diorang confuse si amah tu lah mama diorang. Spend some quality time with your children ^-^


Edible Architecture Competition

I did mention briefly about this Edible Architecture in my previous post
my daughter and her friends participated but they didn't win though :(
They were asked to build a prominent building using any types of food

The competition was held at
Sabah Trade Centre, Likas
on the 14th March 2009

The Winner

Their creation
First Prize ~ Bird Nest Stadium, Beijing

2nd prize ~ The Leaning Tower of Pisa

3rd prize ~ The Eiffel Tower
(we thought this will win the first prize)

Consolation prize ~ St. Michael Church Penampang
(created by the students of St. Michael)

Consolation prize ~ Bird Nest Stadium, Beijing

Consolation prize ~ The Kremlin & Red Square, Moscow

Consolation prize ~ The Sleeping Beauty Castle, Disneyland

Consolation prize ~ another Eiffel Tower with different version

My daughter (exreme left) and her friends with their creation
The Collesium, Rome



We had our Puspanita AGM the other day
besides meeting
we had makan-makan
& lucky draw

group picture

they are sisters
Joanne & Dianne
one got 5As in UPSR
and the other one got 7As in PMR
they are the daughters of our
Puspanita President


the lucky draw prizes

5kg of rice!

I got this one :)

I also got this one, Tupperware!
souvenirs given to all Puspanita members


International Women's Day

Today is the International Women's Day (IWD). In certain countries like China, Vietnam and Russia, today is made an official holiday.

There's a proposal came out in our local paper today to urge the government to declare the IWD as public holiday. It said, if Malaysia cannot make today as holiday, they should consider August 25th because that day is recognized as Women's Day in Malaysia.

I'm all for the proposal :) Hope it came TRUE!

So, to all women out there, Happy International Women's Day. Enjoy today. Relax and keep off from doing housework LoL!!

ps: Prove me that I'm wrong, I think, we don't even have official IWD logo here in Malaysia :(
Logo above taken from


Reality TV Show Fever

I never missed watching this show since season 1
Currently showing season 14
on AXN
every Monday at 9.00pm

I usually watched during the final only ;)
but this year
I'm gonna follow a Sabahan
Elizabeth Esther A. Chin
showing @8TV
every Friday at 9.30pm

Currently showing Season 8
They have just concluded choosing Top 13
the real competition begins
every Wednesday & Thursday
at 6.00pm and repeat at 8.00pm
on Star World

Who will follow Stacy's footsteps?
we have 6 Sabahans in Top 20
they will unveil the Top 12 (if there's no changes)
tonight and tomorrow night
at Astro Ria, 9.00pm

The AF Diary will begin on Monday

Happy Watching!