First Entry in 2015

The apples of my eyes!

Happy New Year 2015!

Not a good start for me :(  I was coughing since Christmas.  Swallowed all kind of medicines, yet the cough doesn't want to go anywhere [sigh]

I was so looking forward of Pope Francis' visits to the Philippines, been preparing for it since early of 2014 but, God's will, I didn't or rather I couldn't go :(  Been thinking about this, why oh why?  Just last night (17.01.15) it popped into my head, I can't go because of work!  I said to myself, what happened then, if I really went!

I've been super duper busy since the beginning of January.  I have to catch up all the deadlines!  I hope and I pray that I would be able to meet all the deadlines on time without much difficulties.

Besides all the routines, I managed to ease myself for movies.  I've seen:

1) Taken 3
2) Blackhat
3) Into the Woods

What else?

My daughter has gone back to college
My 1st son also back to college
My 2nd son..hmmm..enjoying his holiday while waiting for his SPM results

Oh by the way, I went to the Philippines last year or should I say, last month? I will try and share my visits there in my next entry.  I said, I will try! ok...ciao!