Goodbye 2010 & Welcome 2011

I know I was a bit slow in updating my blog this year
coz I was always on FB ;)

I don't promise if I could look after my blog next year
but I'll try my best.

Five hours more to go before we close our 'curtain' for this year
and opening our 'door' to welcome the new year

I had a great year, in fact I had a blast!
I'm hoping it would continue to next year

May the Good Lord Bless us throughout next year
and give us good health and prosperous year!

Goodbye 2010
Welcome 2011


A Van for St Michael School Penampang


BroadBand Carnival

It's November and it's Christmas!

Oopss....not yet. It's 40 days more to go. I just can't wait to go to shopping complexes and listening all the Christmas songs. The season to be jolly!!

But for the meantime, I better put aside that one first. I just wanted to update my long-neglected blog. Kesiannn...

Last weekends, I participated the Broadband Carnival in Padang Merdeka. I managed to capture a few pictures to be shared here. I didn't get more pictures coz I was working ;)

our booth shared with 4 other agencies/government departments

activation of members' i-Akaun

members of the public utilized our kiosk

presenting goodies to one of the winners
who answered our quiz



Congratulations to my colleague, Naime
for her daughter's wedding yesterday, 10.10.10



Congratulations to Henry & Rachel
on your wedding today (02.10.2010)

a lovely couple, aren't they?

I like their cute invitation card ;)


Hari Raya

As usual on Syawal month our office will hold a hari raya party
and this year, we did it on the 27th September 2010
here are some pictures I would like to share


Birthday on Mooncake Festival

Oh yeah!
it's my birthday...September 22
The shirt read "I Should Be Home Tending my Farm" - Farmville :D

Present? ya lah tu...mooncake hehehe

Ovin's family

Jojo's family

Xander's family ;)

Fishmau soup (always my favourite)

Chicken salad

Sweet & Sour pork

Steamed-fish (everyone's favourite)

Oil-vege with garlic

and of course chilli - a must!

the sponsored cake from Strawberry

I forgot this little one likes to blow candles
so I lighted again the candles
we sing the birthday song
and he blew them with my help LoL
and finally the mooncake


House in Razed in Tomposik, Inobong

I felt so sorry for Josephine Chung and family for this tragedy. May the Good Lord give them consolation. Sacred Heart Church Inobong made a third collection last Sunday (12.09.2010) as a donation to this family.


Penampang Schools Join in Anti-Plastics Drive



My deepest sympathy to the family of the late
Gundohing Edward Bungkak

May his soul rest in peace



From Dubai to London

Welcome to London!

This is the first pic I've taken of London from the plane
which is about to land

It shows that the Queen is in the Palace!

It looks an antique building but actually most of the buildings there
are almost looks like this

I like the tree behind me ;)

School kids doing outdoor activity

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

The London Eye

The Tower Bridge

The memorial of Diana and Dodi in Harrods


Father's Day Part 2

Wah....siap ada part 2 lagi tu hehehe

Anyway, nothing much actually. It's just that I'm so happy and greatful for all the blessing I received. To make the story short, saya kena numbur lagi ;)

How I came out with this number? Well, on the Father's Day, while we were taking breakfast at Donggongon, my dad call my sister. I asked my sister to pass the handphone to me, then I talked to my dad "Pa, selamat hari bapa!!" My dad as usual replied, "ada kana numbur kah?" I told him, "mana ada..."

After that, I came with an idea! I wanted to buy my dad's birthday. His birthday is on the 26th November and that's how I came out with that number '2611'. And to my surprised, it came out in STC and won Special Prize :D

Thank you Dad for the gift and blessing! Love you always!