My First Luck of the Year!!

I have to wait til the 17th day in the year of 2010 to strike this!
more to come, I hope! LoL



May His Soul Rest in Peace


Ahoy! Captain

We celebrated Xander's birthday on boxing day last year
his mom chose 'Pirate of the Caribbean' as its theme

here's 'Captain Jack Sparrow'
couldn't wait to blow the candle

Xander and his pirates

the pirate's golds

the treasure cake

Below are the pirates' foods....


Happy Birthday!

Seperti biasa, kaulah pembuka tirai celebrate birthday LoL

Happy Birthday to you dear nephew
my wish for you is to pass your SPM examination with flying colours

Good luck and God bless!


Welcome 2010

I am aware that I neglected my blog for so long. Blame it to all the interesting games in Facebook. Every time I switch on my computer, I would log in Facebook first. Because I need to harvest my Farmville before its getting rotten. I need to feed my fish at Fishville before they died. I need to cook new dishes at Cafe World. I have to harvest all my plants at Island Paradise before its getting stolen by my neighbours LoL and many-many more. And by the time I finished with all the hard work, I would already be tired and sleepy. I hate the feeling that I HAVE to do all those everyday!!

So I MADE up my mind. This year, one of my resolutions is to 'rest' playing games :D

Happy New Year!