SM St Michael Penampang - The Champs

Once again, the students of SM St Michael Penampang made their school proud again!
Congrats to them and also to their teacher!

St Michael Penampang Boleh!!


Thoughts by Famous People


Dart Competition

Our Sports Club organized a Dart Competition
It was divided into two groups - men's and women's
For men's they have to target 41 points
and for women's we have to target 21 points

ready to throw...

macam-macam style...


right into target...
winners with their prizes
cooking oil for Stella ;)

oh yess....sabun Top
[the sabun on the ping-pong table at the back is mine....]

the happiest person on earth hehehe


3 Stages of Life

Teen age: Have Time + Energy …but No Money

Working Age: Have Money + Energy …but No Time

Old age: Have Time + Money …but no Energy