Hari Raya

As usual on Syawal month our office will hold a hari raya party
and this year, we did it on the 27th September 2010
here are some pictures I would like to share


Birthday on Mooncake Festival

Oh yeah!
it's my birthday...September 22
The shirt read "I Should Be Home Tending my Farm" - Farmville :D

Present? ya lah tu...mooncake hehehe

Ovin's family

Jojo's family

Xander's family ;)

Fishmau soup (always my favourite)

Chicken salad

Sweet & Sour pork

Steamed-fish (everyone's favourite)

Oil-vege with garlic

and of course chilli - a must!

the sponsored cake from Strawberry

I forgot this little one likes to blow candles
so I lighted again the candles
we sing the birthday song
and he blew them with my help LoL
and finally the mooncake


House in Razed in Tomposik, Inobong

I felt so sorry for Josephine Chung and family for this tragedy. May the Good Lord give them consolation. Sacred Heart Church Inobong made a third collection last Sunday (12.09.2010) as a donation to this family.