Mr. Vivian Mukui, the second son of the late Mr. Victor Mukui and the late Mdm. Viannie Sompud passed away peacefully on 16th April 2008 at Sabah Medical Centre, Kota Kinabalu. He died of Pneumonia.

He was buried at Lampaki Cemetery on 18th April 2008. Prior to that, there was a requiem mass at Sacred Heart Church Inobong, Penampang led by Rev. Fr. Michael Modoit.

May His Soul Rest in Peace

Telur Penyu

Heran bin ajaib. Kenapa bah sesetengah orang ni suka sangat makan telur penyu?? Banyak khasiat ka? Yang pastinya, telur-telur ni mesti kaya dengan kolestrol. Nasib baiklah saya tidak suka makan telur penyu. Geli bah tu!

I found the article above in Daily Express dated 17th April 2008. Beside the title, the insert small picture attracts me. She is Dr. Juanita Joseph (the daughter of Mr. Joseph Chin Sang and Mdm. Agnes Aili Majamin. She is from Kg. Inobong Proper, Penampang and now a lecturer at Jabatan Sains Marin Fakulti Pengajian Maritim dan Sains Marin Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT)

Coconut Shell Collection Enters Malaysia Book of Record

My former school Sekolah Menengah St. Michael Penampang has made us proud recently. With combined effort of teachers and students, they entered Malaysia Book of Record for collecting coconut shells. They collected 5,508 shells.

Being a parent of two teenagers who are currently studying at the school, I am so proud of them. I even helped them to collect the shells. I hope this will educate my children to preserve environment.

Here are some articles taken from local newspapers i.e. Daily Express and Borneo Post.


Station of the Cross at Sacred Heart Church Inobong

I've never been to a real 'Station of the Cross'. Because it was formally situated at Kg. Pukakan which is quite far from Kg. Inobong.

Beginning from this year, they had moved the station near the church which is just a walking distance. The response from the kampung folks were overwhelming. Many believers attended. The prayers led by Catechist Stephen Mingkong.

Here are some of the pictures. Hopefully I can get more clear pictures from Mr. John K. He is an expert photographer compared to mine, very the amateur one hehehe

the 14th station

Sr. Sylvia of DSP also in attendance

the crowds

alasu tadau..awasi potu kiwa sunduk

14th station at Fr. Prenger's graveyard

I like the view

Gundohing David Awang (with blue cap) at 11th station

young & old attended

Catechist Stephen Mingkong (with cap)

the 13th station

Gundohing Fidelis Sipangkui putting on the cross at the 14th station


Hujan Ais Batu

Kampung Inobong dikejutkan dengan kehadiran ais batu. Too bad I was still at work when it happened. My son sms-ed telling me about thunderstorms and he was scared. I just told him to stay put and to stay away from electrical goods and phones. Another sms came from him "Ma, hujan batu!". I didn't expect it to be chunks of ice.

After work when I reached home, my children told me it was actually hujan ais batu. According to them, as soon as the 'batu' landed it melted. Tidak sempat ambil. Many of the kampung folks sempat ambil and put in the fridge sebagai kenang-kenangan. But to their dismay, kampung kami blackout until 9.00pm so their 'ice' melted.

To read the story click Daily Express.