Sugandoi 2009 - Kaamatan at Inobong Proper

Sugandoi 2009 winners during Kaamatan Festival
at Kg Inobong Proper

En. Denis Gompion [organising chairman]
YB Donald Mojuntin [guest of honour]
Mdm Mauricia [winner]
Ms Junie [2nd place]
Mr Sylverinus [3rd place]

The honourable judges for the night
Ms Betcy Michael
Mr Danny F Malinggi
Ms Joy Binsol [Winner of Sugandoi Sabah State Level 2009]

The Champion of Sugandoi 2009 (Inobong Proper)

Wishing everyone a very
Happy Kaamatan
a Blessed Pentecost
May God Bless Us Always

'Bee Gees'

I was glad I accepted my sister in law's invitation
to attend a charity dinner organized by
Palliative Care Association


because 'Bee Gees' was there to perform
even though they are not the real members of Bee Gees
but I enjoyed their performance

here's their [a not so good quality] video
singing 'Words'


A Promise Is A Promise

Remember this post? I think it happened again ;) Maybe this is my son's luck. It all happened on one Sunday evening where I had chit-chat with my children. I asked them when is their exams. They told me, it will be on the last week of May. Then followed by a two weeks holiday. At this point, my son reminded me his up-coming birthday.

Son : Ma, my birthday is coming soon. Don't forget your promise.
[My son asked for a hand phone as a birthday gift, coz his old phone is damaged for quite some time]

Me : [Jokingly] If I strike 4D today, you don't have to wait for your birthday to get your new hand phone!

Son : Are you serious?

Me : Of course I am.

Son : Do you promise?

Me : Yes!

Then the 'magic' happened again. Checked the result and I really did strike. My son is smiling all the way and kept reminding me my promise [ouch!]

my winning ticket

the result

My son's advance birthday gift :))


Local Drama

Wah! Evelene Stephen Mingkong sudah jadi pelakon sekarang. She's from Inobong Proper. As at to date, she had acted two Dramas, 'Bambazon' and 'Madai Menanti'.

I'm waiting for the 'Bambazon' because Linda Nanuwil also acted in this drama. Don't forget to watch 'Bambazon' @TV2, 29 May 2009 at 12.30 in the afternoon. Stay tuned!


American Idol Season 8 - The Champion

Kris Allen won [oh! heck!]
The most disappointing result ever!
Even Kris know he doesn't deserve the title
but his crazy fans [plus] Danny Gokey's fans
[Danny's pastor posted a notice in his twitter to gather votes for Kris]
made it happened for him

Congrats to Kris
and best wishes to Adam Lambert!


American Idol Season 8 Finale

The American Idol Season 8 finale
will be between

Kris Allen
Adam Lambert

Who will be the next American Idol?

I'll pick Adam Lambert to win
how about you?

Stay tuned for the finale
tomorrow night at @711


Poring Canopy Walkway

During the first term school holiday
we went to Poring, Ranau

I wanted to try the Canopy Walkway again
the last time I went there was three years ago [i think]

Took this picture from the canopy

How I wish I have the DSLR camera :(

the Canopy

a little bit ;)

forgot to find out how long the canopy is

big trees where they hang the canopy

on the way down found this small waterfalls
my children wanted to go to Langanan Waterfall
but their mom was tired :))


Mother's Day

My favourite cookies given by my daughter

a card for me, created by my children
I received three more cards made by them individually
and they had posted it in their own blogs

and this flower came from my hubby

I thank God for giving me a happy, loving and the best family
may He continue looking after us now and always
and to give us good health and good fortune, Amen


Happy Wedding

Congratulations to

Ms Florita
[daughter of Mr Innocent Makajil & Mrs Irine Bulun]
of Kg. Inobong Proper, Penampang


Mr Eusebius Evans
[son of Mr Robinson Sitabal & the late Mrs Annie Siboit]
of Kg. Penampang Baru, Tuaran

on your Wedding
2nd May 2009
at Sacred Heart Church Inobong


Third MBR for St. Michael School Penampang

My former school made another Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) again! This time, they collected the largest amount of aluminum cans.

Their first MBR was the Longest Riverbank Cleaning Up, a joint effort with JC Penampang in year 2007. The second one was collecting the Biggest Amount of Recycled Coconut Shells which entered the MBR last year. Click HERE if you missed out the event.

Once again, my husband and I helped our children collecting the aluminum cans. If you ever saw a family dining at restaurants and brought back [tapau] the cans, it could be my family LOL! Even their grandma [my mother] lent her hand by contributing a few kilos of cans.

Congratulations to the teachers and students of SM St. Micahel School Penampang for this effort. Let's join our hand together to preserve the environment!


Happy Labour Day

Happy Labour / Worker's Day
enjoy your holiday and have a good rest

In the meantime
let's give our support to Esther
VOTE for her
one vote also counts
[Just follow the instruction above]

The Grand Finale will be tonight
at Channel 708
I think the show will begin at 8.30pm