Last Saturday, after sending my daughter to school I went to Avon's shop at Donggongon. Upon reaching there, I heard loud music. No idea what occasion it was, I went in to buy my stuff. Later, they told me that Nasha Aziz, who is currently the Avon's model is coming. I forgot to ask she's coming for what. But most probably I think promoting Avon's product.

The counter was busy and I have to wait quite a while for my turn. When my turn came up, I was told that if I buy Avon's product more than RM100.00 I am entitled for a free night bag and a lucky draw. I am also entitle to be maked-up by professional make-up artist and have the chance to take pictures with Nasha Aziz.

But when they told me that Nasha Aziz is only showing up at 2.30pm, I declined the offer coz I have a lot of things to be done that day.

Two professional make-up artists doing their job. They were so busy and sweating :D as many ladies queing up waiting for their turn.

Once they were finished, photographs will be taken and they were given some tokens too. Too bad, I didn't bring my camera. I took these pictures using my mobile phone.

Lucky for them! They will have the chance to meet Nasha Aziz, take photos with her and get some autographs.

Gifts to be given to all the Avon's models. Lucky kan!

Anyways, I got one too! After shopping for more than RM100.00, they gave me this for free. Nice bag. And of course with the door gift too.

Later in the evening, we went to church for sunset's Mass at Sacred Heart Inobong. I feel so sad to see the attendance. Where did all the believers gone to? The Church looked empty.
After Mass, I saw my aunty carrying her grand-daughter, Natalia. She is so cute that I couldn't resist to carry her and kissed her all over! She looks like my daughter when she was a baby :)


Suddenly I received a call from my brother Saturday, 28th June 2008 at 8.30pm. And he was at Miri. I didn't even know that he is there. When I asked him what's he is doing there, he said they were attending Gawai Celebration.

The reason of his call is to inform us that Mr Mathew Sipaun has just passed away. Dia yang all the way from Miri lagi tahu daripada kami yang tinggal di Inobong ini. Mr Sipaun is from Kampung Tomposik. I heard that he died of heart complication.

May his soul rest in peace.



Pelik tapi benar. One early morning, my hubby panggil "mari sini kamu, look at this!" Bila saya tengok di jendela, saya nampak something hitam sedang bergerak-gerak. I quickly grabbed my handphone dan terus turun bawah. Punya banyak tu semut! Bermula dari dalam tanah yang ditutupi dengan rumput, semut tu mula bergerak seperti arus sungai.

I called my children turun bawah coz I don't want them to miss this kinda freaky thing happening. We took pictures and video. Then, kami ikut itu semut mo tinguk 'diorang' lari pi mana. Lebih kurang 50 meters panjang tu semut berduyun-duyun macam melarikan diri. It ended di jalanraya depan rumah kami. From there, itu semut berkeliaran tidak tentu arah sudah. Masing-masing bawa haluan masing-masing.

I hope and I pray, itu bukan petanda yang tidak bagus. Saya cuma harap, itu semut mencari sarang baru sebagai tempat kediaman 'diorang' (Tiap kali saya cakap 'diorang', anak saya mati-mati ketawa. My son cakap "semut tu spesis seranggalah bukan orang" So, tak kan saya cakap 'dionatang' atau 'diorangga'!)


Report Card

Last friday, I went to SRK St. Theresa School to collect my son's report card. I received the school's letter asking us to come personally and no wakil is allowed.

Son: Who is coming?

Me: Your dad lah

Son: *silent*

Me: Why the silence? You don't want your dad to collect the report?

Son: *shrugging his shoulder*

That friday morning, we sent him at school and proceeded to send his elder brother at St. Michael Penampang so he still didn't know who is coming to collect his report card. But first, we went to Donggongon for breakfast. No idea where to eat, we ended at 'Fui Lau'. Actually, it's been quite a while we didn't go there. It was since I received an sms from my brother asking all the KadazanDusuns to boy-cott this kedai. The sms read:

"A handicapped KadazanDusun by the name of Ugau was beaten severely by the towkay of Fui Lau at Buhavan Square and also poured water all over. A police report had been made. Let's boycott kedai Fui Lau to show our dissappointment. Please pass this message to all our KDM friends - Mantad TULUN TOKOU"

As I can see, memang tidak ramai orang makan di sana. Yang ada pun bukan orang KDM rasanya. My hubby pun cakap, "that's the power of IT". Tapi yang saya heran, asam pedas kepala ikan yang saya makan macam tidak sedap seperti biasa. Kenapa ah? Mungkin kedai tu sudah tidak laku, itu left-overs dorang masak balik untuk serve the next day. Ishhh...loya tekak den!

After breakfast, kami pun pi sekolah anak saya. Konon-konon, mo datang senyap-senyap. Tapi tiba-tiba ada sorang murid tu panggil nama anak saya "mummy ko datang". Apa lagi, my son terus senyum memanjang. Happy lah bah dia tu coz bapa and mama dia datang untuk bagi dia support.

While waiting for our turn, saya sempat ambil gambar kelas dia. Pura-pura rajin konon tu budak-budak semua hehehe

Anak saya dapat no. 3. Cikgu dia cakap, my son is doing well in the class. Disiplin pun ok dia bilang. Betul ka tu?

Anyway, congrats to you my son! Keep it up! Work hard for your 5A's. Mana tau dapat 'WII' hehehe


'Kalabatu' of Inobong Proper

Peserta mesti habiskan makanan ini
Nangka, Pisang, Hinompuka, Kochung, Mee Goreng, Nasi Campur, Papaya, Coke

Para peserta bersedia

mula makan

Gundohing ini duduk menikmati makanan saja, tiada niat pun bertanding :lol:

ingatkan si Insun yang menang

Rupa-rupanya si Ben pula 'Kalabatu' di Inobong Proper
Bila ditanya apa rahsia dia menang, dia bilang 2 hari sudah dia tidak makan :)


Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Inobong Proper 2008

The Reigning Unduk Ngadau 2007

Contestant no 1 - Alexandria

Contestant no 2 - Shirley

Contestant no 3 - Kennylona

Contestant no 4 - Vanelica

Contestant no 5 - Symphorosa

Contestant no 6 - Cassandra

Contestant no 7 - Mercelline

Contestant no 8 - Pricilla

Cassandra (2nd) Alexandria (Unduk Ngadau) Vanelica (3rd)

Unduk Ngadau Inobong Proper 2008

Past and Present Unduk Ngadau

The Judges
Joannes Solidau, Aini Sindeh & Laura Dison


Kaamatan at Kg Inobong Proper - Sugandoi Open

Sugandoi Open won by Ms Vedaylin

2nd Place won by Ms Cassandra

3rd Place won by Ms Mary

The Judges


Kaamatan at Kg Inobong Proper - Sugandoi Veteran

Sugandoi Veteran won by Mdm Mauricia
'Kaandaman Ku Doid Kampung'

2nd place won by Mdm Winnie, singing 'Nokoikot No Ih Monombuhui'

3rd place won by Mr Sylverinus



Mdm Flossie Mansul was an ex-teacher of SRK St Theresa School Inobong, Penampang. I was a bit surprised when I received the news of her passing away coz I had just met her during morning mass at St Michael Church Penampang last friday, June 6th, 2008. I was told, she died of stroke.

May Her Soul Rest in Peace.


Wedding Invitation Cards

The bride is from Inobong Proper
Ms Dorie Gumpil (daughter of Mr Verus Gumpil & Mdm Evelyn Mogoip)
The groom, Mr George Tann Jr
18th August 2007

Trend masa kini kad jemputan kahwin ada gambar pasangan yang akan berkahwin. Idea ini bagus tapi kadang-kadang ada orang yang tidak menghargai gambar tu so diorang buang di sampah dan akan dibakar kemudian.

The bride is from Inobong Proper
Ms Jovita Joseph (daughter of Mr Joseph Chin & Mdm Agnes Aili Majamin)
The groom, Mr Arnold Gumpangang (son of the late Mr Gumpangang Simbuna & Mdm Kontihoi Kuhal)
23rd August 2007

That is why, everytime I received those cards, saya sayang mau buang. Kalo saya buang kad jemputan itu, sama macam saya buang gambar diorang. So saya simpan saja tapi lama kelamaan kad tu pandai hilang, maklumlah rumah pun bukan teratur sangat hahaha.

The Groom is from Inobong Proper
James Peter (son of the late Mr Peter Jangki & Mdm Rosalind Jubili)
The bride, Ms Isabelle Koay Mei Lan (daughter of Mr Koay Kee Soon & Mdm Carmella Gomilin Totu)
12th April 2008

I was thinking, bagus lagi saya simpan dalam blog supaya tidak hilang dan boleh juga tengok di masa-masa hadapan. Saya harap, muka-muka yang terpampang di blog ini tidak marah. Tapi kalo marah juga, let me know. I'll remove the cards if you asked me to do so.


Jalan Inobong - Kibambangan flooded again. Last night even worst. No one can pass. Not even big vehicles. As for myself, I was caught in a massive jam soon after work. My hubby couldn't pass the Inobong road to fetch me so I tumpang with my workmate. It took us two and a half hours to get free from the jam. I reached at tamu Inobong by 8.00pm.

Then, saya menyeberang jambatan gantung with no light. It was raining. And it was slippery. Saya terpaksa jalan kaki ayam hahaha. I was holding my shoes, my handbag and an umbrella. Saya takut terpijak ular saja! Setakat terpijak taik kerbau, ok lagi hehehe

Then my hubby came and fetched me up. We reached home by 8.30pm. My children were telling me their own adventure. How Mr Fidelis Sipangkui @ Mastar gate-crashed their school. Bagus juga dia buat begitu. I was informed later on, ramai ibubapa marah sebab itu principal St Michael macam tidak kisah. Kalo sudah nampak tu hujan lebat dan sungai pun semakin besar, sepatutnya kasi pulang saja tu budak-budak. Bukan tidak tau Penampang sekarang, hujan sikit-sikit pun sudah banjir.

So, si mastar panggil semua budak yang tinggal di Kg Inobong dan Putaton. They were told to leave their bags at school. Diorang seberang jambatan Nampasan and from there, diorang hitch-hike. Tapi basah kuyuplah diorang.

This morning I got up and tengok di luar. Macam lengang saja. Tiada kereta limpas. Dalam fikiran saya, ramai yang tidak pigi kerja/sekolah. After sending my son to St. Theresa School, kami terus pi tinguk tu banjir.

Ada dua kawasan banjir. Satu di Tanaki dan satu lagi di Dungkahang. Those pictures above were taken at Tanaki. At this point, big vehicles like ninja, hilux, dmax boleh lalu. Tapi upon reaching Dungkahang, they turned back. Tidak berani diorang bilang sebab air masih tinggi.

Then, we saw Agut @ Augustine Jubili. Kami bilang belum boleh limpas di Dungkahang, ramai yang berpatah balik. Tapi Agut bilang 'try bah'. So kami tinguk memang si Agut hentam juga di Dungkahang. Later on, when I saw him, I asked him about his ninja. Agut bilang 'terpaksa service lah'. Saya jawab 'buli bah kalo ko, sebab banyak duit'.

Nearly to 2pm, my hubby and I pigi tinguk lagi. Konon-konon kalo boleh limpas mo pigi pasar beli ikan dan sayur. Sebab kami takut, kalo hujan lagi sebelah malam, matai lah tidak dapat makan hehehe. Sampai di Tanaki, kami boleh limpas. Tapi bila sampai di Dungkahang (pictures above), kami tidak berani. Kami nampak ada juga kereta kancil limpas. Tapi my hubby cakap, 'bagus-bagus tidak keluar duit mo servis, mo cari penyakit saja. Kita makan ikan masin sajalah nanti..toopunn'

As at now, 5.30pm tiada hujan dan awanpun cerah. Anak-anak saya pun sedang main badminton di bawah. Hopefully it will maintain like this. If not, bisuk tidak dapat turun kerja lagi. Actually, lagi saya suka hahahaha