Breakfast at King Du

It was 15 minutes to 8am and I was running late.
Went for a quick breakfast at King Du.
Ordered Tea and Kui Pau Daging ;)

When it was time to pay, instead of calling the tauke, I went straight to his counter.
He was talking with another man. I heard the conversation.

Tauke : apalah....itu pun buli kalah 1-3
Man : ya bah! bagus kalo yang dia lawan tu kuat

Then I interrupted, "ai ya! Chelsea sudah kalah, apa lagi mau cakap. cepat kiralah tauke!"

Tauke : aik! kau pun tau Chelsea kalah? Kau sukung team apa?

Me : Saya MU!!

I paid my meal then off I ciao.....

"Glory! Glory United!"


Wedding Anniversary

Congrats to both of you Uncle and Auntie!!