Little Italy

How did my family celebrate Kaamatan this year? Actually, we wanted to go to KDCA but when we reached there, like always, ramai orang dan tiada tempat parking. So, my children bilang, go somewhere else lah.

In the end, we went to Italy. Yes, Italy in Kota Kinabalu. we went to take our brunch at Little Italy Restaurant. Never been there. It was our first time. So we asked the waiter to give us the best pizza and spaghetti.

Bruschetta (Pomodoro)

Our Large Pizza Carnivora

Spaghetti Boscaiola

Spaghetti Marinara

And finally our bill

Our comments : The pizza is not like the pizza at Pizza Hut. This one was so good. The spaghetti were delicious too.


Deana E said...

every month me and hubby must go little italy..our fav italian in kk. old my friend about it many times that it's better than pizza hut..sedap kan..hehe

InobongProper said...

hi deana

mmg sedap...tidak sama di pizza hut
tapi harga dia...adoiii punyaaa mahal

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