Caroling Here and There Part 1

I have to post this. The relatives wanna see their pics ;)

After our caroling at Tenom, next was Pogunon. My BIL and family live there. Unfortunately, I didn't join them. As I was injured during our Labuan trip. Had I posted the Labuan trip? I don't think so. I forgot. Oh yes. As soon as we arrived from Tenom, My SIL asked us if we wanted to go to Labuan. This was madness. I hadn't rest after the Tenom trip, and now Labuan? Oh wth! It's been a long time I didn't go there anyway, so why not. It was only a half day trip by the way.

We took the speed boat to Labuan around 10.00am. It was a half an hour bumpy and bouncy ride. My back was aching!

Bought these, wines and chocolates then we proceeded to the jetty to buy our tickets. The ferry was leaving at 1.30pm.

The ferry was crowded. I wasn't surprise coz it was a holiday! It was suffocating inside there and my son just couldn't bear it. Before he throw-up, I booked him at VIP seat. It was a lot better there and it was comfortable.

The jetty at Menumbuk.

Now back to caroling. After Pogunon, next house was at Liput. The house of my SIL. Here are some pictures.

The 'tuan rumah'

I'll continue in my next post ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey! I saw those pice in somebody's blog - mammamia's, I think. You her hubby or something?

InobonG ProPer said...

Which pics?

Mama Mia is a new found friend through blogging, erm...we are not related :)

Mama Mia said...

Hmm..me pun curious trus ni..wonder which pic c STP cakap ni?

InobonG ProPer said...

STP pun tidak berapa sure bah tu..whether it's yours or somebody else..tp curious juga ni :)

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