Island Hopping

My siblings and I and together with our families went for Islands-hopping yesterday. Tiring but the kids were enjoying themselves. Our first stop was at Sapi Island. There were many tourists and we were a little bit scared of the most talked Swine Flu.

At Sapi Island, we went for jungle trekking only. No mandi-manda yet. My brother told us, the best spot for mandi-manda is at Manukan Island.

The second stop was at Mamutik Island. We were thinking of going for the trekking but as we looked at the sky it was like going to rain. Hey peeps! don't judge the weather by looking at the clouds. It didn' rain ok!

Time for the Manukan Island! We reached there at noon and everybody was starving. Found a nice space and then makan time!

The kids couldn't wait to go for their swim. And they did have fun and some says - 'belum puas!!!' Well, hopefully next time we can stay overnight. And by the way, the whole trip was free of charge. Thanks to my brother who is working at Sabah Parks ;)

the children anxious faces. some are a first-timer ;)

the sea is a crystal clear

our jungle-trekking at Sapi Island

and we found this
can you spot spelling mistakes?

this is found at Mamutik Island
I am still wondering what it was
all I can think is the world cup ;)

this island is crowded with tourists!

ready to go to Manukan Island

Sardines times LoL


bombs during the World War II found in Manukan Island

one for the album

our reliable transportation

wow! look at the barang-barang!


C.Alv.B said...

Spot lot of spelling mistake..develope, Encik, challenges.. heheheh

Mama Mia said...

Bestnya..can spend quality time with loved ones and FOC some more.Hehe...spoil butul tu spelling error. And the big golden hands holding a ball reminds me of the World Cup's trophy too...ntah apa la rationalenya di sebalik tu formation kan..hihi...

InobonG ProPer said...

ya...banyak spelling mistakes...mgkin itu PTI yg buat hehehe

Mama Mia
bertahun lama saya tidak ke pulau. kalo tiada yg organize tidak lah dpt pigi. tp yg paling penting..free bah hehehe

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