From Dubai to London

Welcome to London!

This is the first pic I've taken of London from the plane
which is about to land

It shows that the Queen is in the Palace!

It looks an antique building but actually most of the buildings there
are almost looks like this

I like the tree behind me ;)

School kids doing outdoor activity

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

The London Eye

The Tower Bridge

The memorial of Diana and Dodi in Harrods


Andrik McVean said...

rugi kamu talampau awal datang pi london...berabis sy menyoping di harrods kemarin..wakakakak

InobonG ProPer said...

alalala....apa buli buat..ndak kesabaran bah tu hehehe...hopefully next time ada peluang lagi..like i said in ur blog...mo tanam pokok duit dulu hhehe

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