Holiday at Hong Kong

Been busy lately. Maklumlah cuti panjang before this. So I have to cover my one week's absent at the office.

So here's a few pictures of our holiday at Hong Kong. For more pictures, please check at my Facebook.

with Minnie Mouse! Mickey was crowded by many people to which we didnt have the chance to be with him

Ocean Park is a must visit too

this is taken at Repulse Beach

what made our holiday a memorable one was to be able to attend morning Mass at St Benedict Church

tall buildings are normal sighting at Hong Kong


Fely said...

Wahhhhhhhh!!!! So nice! Never knew your kids are all besar panjang already!! Nung kagazo noh dii tanak ku ngavi baru lah vasi do oviton mugad holiday. Still small like this, a bit mission impossible pulak..haha

InobonG ProPer said...

hi Fely
Ya anak2 sy besar sdh. My eldest is 17.

I agree with you. Better wait until they older enough to understand and remember their holiday hehehe

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