In Memory of Sr. Sylvia

My last posting was about Mother's Day. My mom went to the Philippines to be with my sister who was very sick that time. It was indeed the last Mother's Day celebration for my sister as she was called eternally by the Lord after that.

Prior to my mom's visit, my younger sister and I visited her. We tried our best to make it the most precious and memorable moments with her. We knew that she was in great pain but tried to hide it from us. We never heard her complaint. She was a great sufferer!

There are many things to say but I just can't go on.

On May 22nd, 2011 at around 11.00pm, she went Home to meet the Lord. My mom was beside her and her passing was peacefully. Pope John Paul II was there to guide her journey. I believe she is now in heaven, in a good hand of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Today, is her 6th month anniversary. May her soul rest in peace.

"Syl, I really miss you!"


AngeL BeaR said...

May she rest in peace. *hugs*

InobonG ProPer said...

thanks Angel...

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

What a small world, I have been reading your blog and I didn't know that Sr Syl is your dearly sister.She is very close to me as we're at the same team under the KL Bahasa Apostate,kami merasa sungguh kehilangan dia, though we knew we will meet her again one day.Kami tidak tahu abt her sickness as we have been emailing and updating each other and she just hide her sickness... the moment Fr Valentine told us about her,I just felt that life is very unfair,why must her? I believe that all of us are close to her heart,that's what she mentioned in her last email. Until today,her advise and her thoughts are still strongly embedded in our hearts,and we shall keep it forever,as we know that she will never disappoint us.. God bless you Sis Syl...

InobonG ProPer said...

Sr Sylvia had been very secretive with her sickness. That's why we called her as the great sufferer. She didn't want us to worry about her.

May her soul rest in peace with the Lord in Heaven.

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