Station of the Cross at Sacred Heart Church Inobong

I've never been to a real 'Station of the Cross'. Because it was formally situated at Kg. Pukakan which is quite far from Kg. Inobong.

Beginning from this year, they had moved the station near the church which is just a walking distance. The response from the kampung folks were overwhelming. Many believers attended. The prayers led by Catechist Stephen Mingkong.

Here are some of the pictures. Hopefully I can get more clear pictures from Mr. John K. He is an expert photographer compared to mine, very the amateur one hehehe

the 14th station

Sr. Sylvia of DSP also in attendance

the crowds

alasu tadau..awasi potu kiwa sunduk

14th station at Fr. Prenger's graveyard

I like the view

Gundohing David Awang (with blue cap) at 11th station

young & old attended

Catechist Stephen Mingkong (with cap)

the 13th station

Gundohing Fidelis Sipangkui putting on the cross at the 14th station


Lydia said...

Wow...this is nice...I've just known about this right now, and I can see a lot of my relatives are there..

InobongProper said...

Hi Lydia...it's because this blog belong to one of your relatives :lol:

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