Hujan Ais Batu

Kampung Inobong dikejutkan dengan kehadiran ais batu. Too bad I was still at work when it happened. My son sms-ed telling me about thunderstorms and he was scared. I just told him to stay put and to stay away from electrical goods and phones. Another sms came from him "Ma, hujan batu!". I didn't expect it to be chunks of ice.

After work when I reached home, my children told me it was actually hujan ais batu. According to them, as soon as the 'batu' landed it melted. Tidak sempat ambil. Many of the kampung folks sempat ambil and put in the fridge sebagai kenang-kenangan. But to their dismay, kampung kami blackout until 9.00pm so their 'ice' melted.

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