First and foremost
Wishing you all
a very
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I have two weddings to attend to, today and tomorrow

Walter & Ethelreda
at Penampang Cultural Hall
(Walter is the son of my hubby's cousin)

Macholet & Terry
at Dewan Raya Inobong
(Macholet is the daughter of
Mr Marius Kombuyuk & Mdm Marina Wong of Kg. Inobong Proper)


GregChai said...

Happy Valentine's Day :D

Flower said...

Happy Valentine to ONE and ALL

Mama Tatana said...

Happy Valentines Day Phil .... ada candle light dinner for two kah?? Got roses from hubby???

Enjoy this lovey-dovey day okay..

Wahh two weddings you´re going to attend? Oh gawd, makan terus....punya siok! share photos of the wedding kio.

InobonG ProPer said...

Same to you :)

Thanks for the wishes...

No candle-light dinner & no flowers. We went out one family :)

I took some pictures. Will upload them later kio

Flower said...

Not at all

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