Reality TV Show Fever

I never missed watching this show since season 1
Currently showing season 14
on AXN
every Monday at 9.00pm

I usually watched during the final only ;)
but this year
I'm gonna follow a Sabahan
Elizabeth Esther A. Chin
showing @8TV
every Friday at 9.30pm

Currently showing Season 8
They have just concluded choosing Top 13
the real competition begins
every Wednesday & Thursday
at 6.00pm and repeat at 8.00pm
on Star World

Who will follow Stacy's footsteps?
we have 6 Sabahans in Top 20
they will unveil the Top 12 (if there's no changes)
tonight and tomorrow night
at Astro Ria, 9.00pm

The AF Diary will begin on Monday

Happy Watching!


Yot said...

I miss Amazing Race and American Idol!!! Btw, who r those from Sabah? Ada yg sia knal2 lagi ka? Hehehe ~ Stacy's kinda' famous here and I don't know why people keep asking me how well do I know her. Duh! Stay away from me peeps!

Anonymous said...

I watch American Idol. Haven't watched AF since Aznil left...and I only watched the 1st One in a Million. Didn't think it was that great! But wasn't the last AF won by a Sabahan? What about the Indon-looking little girl with a big voice - the one who won the last One in a Million? Sabahan too?

InobonG ProPer said...

We will only find out tonight who will make it to the final 12. One of them is, Solibun.

I watched AF last year because of Stacy. Yes, Stacy is a Sabahan. She is at 1Borneo at the moment (today), launching her 1st album namely 'Aku Stacy'.

As for Ayu who won the OIAM2, she doesn't have an album yet (I think) :)

GregChai said...

thanks for the info, nah i'll make sure i tune to channel 104 tonight hehehe :D

Phil said...

Have u watch? What do u think? They've chosen 14 students this time and we have 2 Sabahans there. Rubisa,a mother of 1 from Kota Marudu and Zizi from Semporna, Tawau.

BrokenSatellite said...

stopped watching AF after Aznil left.
watched the final ja hari tu. mo tinguk stacy nyayi.
tu pun didn't watch until the end.

I love American Idol!
go Alexis, Megan and Danny! :D

InobonG ProPer said...

I've been watching the on-going AF and it was boringggg :(

I Love American Idol too
and I'm following Adam Lambert, Megan & Matt :)

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