Mother's Day

As soon as the Mass ended today, I took my family for breakfast. But all of us, couldn't decide where to go. In the end, I gave them three options:

1. Upperstar
2. Secret Recipe
3. Promenade Hotel

They chose Secret Recipe. But when we arrived there, it was way too early. They have not open for business yet. Then I called Promenade Hotel. The buffet breakfast was closing in half an hour time. There's no way we are turning back to Upperstar either. In the end, we went to Suria KK.

Since Suria KK has nothing much to offer, we moved on to Karamunsing Complex. I bought two sling bags. Hubby bought one too. These bags are for our next vacations. Then I remembered I have not taken my medicine yet. And it's after food medicine. So we went to have this at McDonald's.

But my sons prefer this:

On our way back home, we dropped by at Lido for takeaways. It was a bad decision coz we were stranded there for almost an hour. Heavy rain and strong wind.

Since we need to go back badly, we have no choice but to go through the heavy downpour. We were soaked just like our laundry at home :(

Besides the rain, we had fun actually. A very good quality time with my beloved family.

Happy Mother's Day!


Mama Mia said...

hihi..susah juga kamu mencari tempat breakfast ah..

InobonG ProPer said...

ya bah...selalu begitu...susah mo decide mana tempat breakfast. kadang2 bila susah sangat, ter-landing juga di Pipin hehehe

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