The Wedding of Bibiana and James

This picture taken soon after the marriage blessing
the funny thing is, this couple didn't know who is taking this picture
but their witnesses at the back knew :D

With the Bride's parents
[her dad is my uncle, the brother of my mom]

With their Witnesses, Mr Waky Taim and wife Mdm Esther Sompud
[Esther is my hubby's first cousin]

This is taken at the Bride's residence

Cutting cake in their traditional costume

This is a unique get-together for us. Actually, after my uncle got married he moved to Tambunan to be with his wife and furthermore, he worked at Tambunan District Office. And that was the last time we saw him. That was years ago!

So when Bibiana sent her invitation to us, we took this opportunity to attend the wedding and at the same time, to get to know our cousins! We never met them! So here they are:

[L-R : Adrian, Henry, James (groom), Bibiana, Connie, Cassandra, Uncle Frederik Jikisoi]
[Front : Aunty Cecilia and Erica]

And thanks to Facebook! Now we can update to each other.

*more pictures at my FB*


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