Report Card

Last friday, I went to SRK St. Theresa School to collect my son's report card. I received the school's letter asking us to come personally and no wakil is allowed.

Son: Who is coming?

Me: Your dad lah

Son: *silent*

Me: Why the silence? You don't want your dad to collect the report?

Son: *shrugging his shoulder*

That friday morning, we sent him at school and proceeded to send his elder brother at St. Michael Penampang so he still didn't know who is coming to collect his report card. But first, we went to Donggongon for breakfast. No idea where to eat, we ended at 'Fui Lau'. Actually, it's been quite a while we didn't go there. It was since I received an sms from my brother asking all the KadazanDusuns to boy-cott this kedai. The sms read:

"A handicapped KadazanDusun by the name of Ugau was beaten severely by the towkay of Fui Lau at Buhavan Square and also poured water all over. A police report had been made. Let's boycott kedai Fui Lau to show our dissappointment. Please pass this message to all our KDM friends - Mantad TULUN TOKOU"

As I can see, memang tidak ramai orang makan di sana. Yang ada pun bukan orang KDM rasanya. My hubby pun cakap, "that's the power of IT". Tapi yang saya heran, asam pedas kepala ikan yang saya makan macam tidak sedap seperti biasa. Kenapa ah? Mungkin kedai tu sudah tidak laku, itu left-overs dorang masak balik untuk serve the next day. Ishhh...loya tekak den!

After breakfast, kami pun pi sekolah anak saya. Konon-konon, mo datang senyap-senyap. Tapi tiba-tiba ada sorang murid tu panggil nama anak saya "mummy ko datang". Apa lagi, my son terus senyum memanjang. Happy lah bah dia tu coz bapa and mama dia datang untuk bagi dia support.

While waiting for our turn, saya sempat ambil gambar kelas dia. Pura-pura rajin konon tu budak-budak semua hehehe

Anak saya dapat no. 3. Cikgu dia cakap, my son is doing well in the class. Disiplin pun ok dia bilang. Betul ka tu?

Anyway, congrats to you my son! Keep it up! Work hard for your 5A's. Mana tau dapat 'WII' hehehe


papajoneh said...

All the best to your son. Mudah2an dia dapat 5A trus dapat tu WII kan ;)

InobongProper said...

thank you..

harap2 tu WII as a motivator dan bukan sbg 'rasuah' hehehe

Jessica said...

so did he get his WII?

Phil said...

au po...baru darjah 6 this year gia hehehe

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