Stacy AF6

Stacy posed for my camera

We woke up late this morning. Nothing to worry because we've attended sunset Mass yesterday at Sacred Heart Church, Inobong. Except that my children couldn't attend their Sunday School. Well I said, never mind. It's still a festive mood. It's okay being absent for one sunday.

Sumandaks from Inobong Proper took picture with Stacy

I told my kids to get ready. We will take our breakfast at Donggongon only coz I'm planning to have a hair cut today. When we reached Donggongon, we met my brother and his wife. My sister in law asked us "anyone of you interested to meet Stacy?" What? Stacy? Where? Then she took out her hand phone and showed us the message. My goodness. Of course we want to go. So, she asked us to get ready before 1pm.

Stacy sang 3 songs that day

After breakfast we hurriedly went to a salon. I had my hair wash and cut. Immediately after that, we went and searched for any magazine contained Stacy's picture. I intend to ask for an autograph. We were lucky indeed. The towkay said, the magazine just arrived several minutes ago.

Then off we go. We waited patiently. Then Stacy arrived one and a half hour late. But it's ok. We do understand that she had performed last night at Padang Merdeka, KK. Stacy bilang, dia lambat bangun hahaha. We took many pictures and of course an autograph. We had a splendid afternoon with Stacy and her gang.

YB Tan Sri & Y.Bhg. Puan Sri with family and friends
together with Stacy and her parents

Thank you YB Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok and YBhg. Puan Sri Diana Dompok for making our day as a memorable one.


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