Merdeka's Celebration at our Church

To all my faithful readers, I am so sorry as I couldn't update my blog for the past few days. My modem and also the CPU were totally damaged due to a great thunderstorms in my area. In fact, not only mine but my neighbours also encountered the same problem.

It seemed that, my computer also wanted to have a Merdeka holiday!

Back to the title above. Last Sunday, we had a Merdeka Mass. It was a very nice homily given by Mgr. Primus Jouil and it was all about Independent Day! Towards the end of the Mass, we proceeded to the outside of the church and had a raising the flag ceremony and sang 'Negaraku'. Then, with full patriotic spirit, Mgr. Jouil shouted 'Merdeka!' three times to which we shouted back the same. It was a very memorable Merdeka celebration for me ;)

Singing 'Negaraku' led by Mgr. Primus Jouil

The Choir

The flag a.k.a. Jalur Gemilang

Final blessing from Mgr. Primus Jouil

After the blessing, it was the time to greet 'Merdeka' to one another


-Gina G- said...

Phil, bagus oo ur church ada Merdeka Mass kan.

InobonG ProPer said...

first time tu Gina..hehehe

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