All Souls' Day

We celebrated All Souls' Day yesterday, Nov 2nd. For the first time, the priest visited the new graveyard at Lampaki. The blessing started at 1pm then we proceeded to the old graveyard near Sacred Heart Church Inobong.

Visiting the graveyards means bringing some flowers and candles. So I made a trip to florists in Donggongon last Saturday. And as expected, flowers were sold out! Fortunately, one florist ordered more flowers but it can only be delivered in the evening. So I waited! I had to, if not then I won't get any flowers.

The delivery came at 4pm. Luckily, I booked earlier because, when I came back to the florist, there were many people queuing up. I got myself three bundles but the sad news was, I have to arrange the flowers by myself as the florist was so busy - they can't help! Oh my!

With the help of my hubby, here are the outcome:

This one is for Tony, my hubby's older brother who died at a very young age

For my hubby's grandma (his mom's side)

For my grandma (mom's side)

For my mother in law

For my father in law

and for my brother in law, Vivian

May Their Souls Rest in Peace, Amen.


mama mia said...

Hi there. I bet all the florists in Donggongon were all smile on that day...apa tida, laku bah gia bunga2..;P

Anonymous said...

My mom always go to donggongon to buy flowers on this day ..mmg flowers will be laku kan phil ..let us pray all our lovingly's soul will rest in peace. amen.

Kay Kastum said...

That's very thoughtful of you getting all the flowers and doing the arrangements.

InobonG ProPer said...

Mama mia
Mmg pun...sibuk gila diorang masa tu...tapi apa yg penting...bunga sold out! boleh tutup kedai satu hari utk rehat selepas tu hehehe

InobonG ProPer said...

Betul tu Cay
Time2 mcm ni lah..florists really making money..tp ok juga tu..kita tolong-menolong antara satu sama lain ;)

InobonG ProPer said...

I did the arrangement sbb the florist tidak cukup tangan sudah..furthermore..they will charge u more if u let them do it..mau tidak mau..buat sendiri lah :)

osindak said...

hi phil! doi sia pun ada pigi sana pasar nga navi' bunga dotiho!! so went to foh sang, floranika. better sana, nicer juga the flowers you know..

Phil said...

Oh boh Susan..the flower at Donggongon..not much choicelah..terpaksa beli saja..sbb sy malas sudah jalan mencari hehehe

Lucky for u to have nicer flowers..maybe next time..saya order awal2 lah..ataupun..just ambil bunga yg ada di bawah rumah ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice website..updated abt kg kita.Keep up the gud work :D Btw, wana share u tis website http://www.news.faithfreedom.org/ have u ever visited this? Good one..happy surfing! Chaos!

InobonG ProPer said...

Thank you Anon..whoever u r hehehe
I'll try my best to update on what's happening in our kampung..

I'll check the link..thanks

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