Christmas & CNY Party

Last Thursday, we organized a belated Christmas party at our office
some say, better late than never ;)
yes, it was done very late coz many of our office mates were still on long holiday

And since it was near to CNY
we celebrated the occasion together

the happy mood :)


Kris and Nadia said...

happy holiday yg bsuk keja..hihi... Happy CNY :) wah mkn sedap2 sendiri2 ah.. :) yay.. :)

InobonG ProPer said...

bisuk saya kerja sudah argghhhhh...mcm belum puas holiday ni hehehe

Tapi sekolah masih cuti kan?

Mama Tatana said...

Bah klu makan time memang semua good moodkan...hehe..kenapa kau tida jemput sia???

Mana kau kerja Phil??

One Other ... said...

Those rolls! (pandan rolls? vanilla?) havent eaten that in a while.

suituapui said...

So nice! We used to do that in my former school...but some people just came and ate and left, did not even bother to hang around and socialise. Beats the purpose in getting the staff closer together...like one happy family. But then big staff - around 100-150, so some a bit impersonal!

shirley aka beautiza said...

the best part is... MAKAN.. yihaa! i love it

InobonG ProPer said...

Macamana mau jemput?? Bukan da-dakat gia :) Saya ni kuli di jabatan kerajaan bah LoL

Ya those were pandan and vanill rolls. I didn't eat them. I was concentrating on the other dishes LoL

It's normal. People came to eat! As for me, I tried my best to engage them in a conversations. I tease them and I make a joke sometimes to make it merrier hehehe

MAKAN TIME!!! biasalah kan...kerja di kerajaan LoL

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