The Finale of Our Christmas Caroling 2008

Believe it or not, they were singing all out that night. Maybe they knew, it was the finale of our caroling

The second voice - tidak minta kalah juga ;)

The third voice yang kesian, only three of them left. Joel my nephew abandoned them and joined us in second voice :))

The Christmas Cake

My bro in law, the 'tuan rumah' in action

The Salapa Band members minus Cladius Moikon who couldn't make it that night
The Christmas Party was jointly-organised by The Salapa Band
I heard, for the year 2008, they collected thousands of ringgit (5 figures!!)

The childrens of the Salapa Band received Christmas gift in terms of ang pow
untung ni, jadi anak pemain band hehehe

Later that night, they revealed their 'Kris Kringle'. We had this activity where we picked secretly family members' name through ballots on the 20th December. Those name must be kept secret until Christmas Day. Their duty was to pray over the person they got, prepare a gift and reveal them on the Christmas Day. This was actually fun. This also actually encouraged everybody to pray to one another

Oppss..sorry..some of the pictures were blur
they were a bit active bah that night :)

Happy ka tidak ni?

The twins with their gifts

You looked happy with your gift

Is that a scapular?

I forgot what this boy got. Could it be the cap?

Ehem..dearest hubby got a deco from Ah Chai ;)

Bless you Nia!

Leona got a hand-bag as cute as herself

Is that a piggy bank, Eva?

They were really having fun

Happy faces among the cousins (The Salapa juniors)

Some showed-off their talent ;)

With this, I wrap up my post on Christmas 2008. Until we meet again on Christmas 2009. Take care folks! And may the Good Lord bless us always!


Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Ada kah tu bideo-bideo, mau juga sia dingar kamurang punya nyanyian kasi ubat rindu di KL ni..

GregChai said...

Phil, what did you get ?

InobonG ProPer said...

Ada video yg kampung2 hehehe. I'll see what I can do kio..

InobonG ProPer said...

You mean the kris kringle ka?

Well...I didn't get anything hehehe. The truth is, I was incharge. This is the first time kami buat exchange prayers & presents. So, saya terkecuali. Hopefully, I can join their kris kringle this year :)

BrokenSatellite said...

happy new year! :D
may the year 2009 brings joy to you and ur family!

InobonG ProPer said...

Thanks Jacq and same to you kio :))

One Other ... said...

Lovely Christmas cake! Looks good enuff to eat!

InobonG ProPer said...

The cake was not only looks good..but it was yummyyyy too...carrot cheese bah tu ;)

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