Counting our Blessings

This is actually an old story. I was asking to myself "Should I or shouldn't I post this?" After doing so much of thinking, I said, hey! I am just a human being. I'll forget. I better post this so that I would remember. Who knows, one day my grandchildren or my great-great-great grandchildren will read my blog and will say "ahh..miracle do happen!"

Here's the story:

My daughter sat for her PMR (Form 3) examination last year. Every time when I asked her how she did, she just replied 'okay'. On the last day when she finished the exam, she told me "Mom, I think I screwed up" I asked "all papers?" She answered "one or two". I asked again "what papers?" She didn't reply.

Actually, I didn't stop praying for her. Before, during and after the exams. I was asking for a miracle. I know God had answered my prayer before with my son sitting for the UPSR and I'm 100% sure God will fulfill my prayer again. Amen to that.

The result came out on the 30th December. I took a time off to accompany my daughter to collect her result. A day before, my hubby had promised to my daughter that he will give RM50 for each A she gets. I asked him "Can you really afford that?" He said "I'll find a way".

When she emerged from the school, she wasn't smiling. She entered the car and gave the result to us. She really screwed up two subjects which she got B's'. The rest, she got A's. Silently, I gave thank and praise to the Lord. I congratulated her.

I have to censor the other numbers, nanti my hubby marah hehehe

Here's another miracle. The day before the result came out, my hubby went and buy 4D (it was a special draw). He was hoping to win so that he can pay to my daughter as he promised, just in case! And you know what? He really did win. He won RM400. Enough to pay to our daughter, RM250! The rest of his winnings, he belanja us at Euro fun fair.


Emily said...

God answers our prayers in His own way. Not forgetting, my congrats to your daughter. She did well indeed!!

Rozz_Lea Rozie said...

Congrats to your daughter Phil. Om mogot podii kana lagi numbul, double blessing oh kan...

AngeL BeaR said...


That reminds me mcm lama suda sa teda p beli numbur...hahahaha~ =D

Kris and Nadia said...

Yay, congrats to you twice.. rezeki murah ni tau.. :) sya pun lama sda nda pg beli numbur..hahaha... nanti kena tangkap ba di bwh 18 thn.. hihi..

Vienne said...

waaa...u got luck oo with 4d..
congrats for ur daughter of her achieving good result..she is one of my mum' student right?
btw, please take really care of her since form 4 always 'menghanyutkan' student...
congrats again...

Joyce said...

wah, double celebration oh kan, Phil. Congratulations to your daughter, too.

Anonymous said...

A's in PMR mean nothing - many get a string of those and still do not seem to know a thing. B's would be quite weak already. Have to find out why; some people do not have the flair for certain subjects (Like me, hopeless at Maths)...so use that as a yardstick in picking the subjects for Form 4.

But like I said, A's mean nothing - it is who you are and what you can and will do that matters! Imagine those in my class could not tell me where Kangar, Kuantan or even Kota Bahru are!!! And they all got A's for Geography!

C.Alv.B said...

Double blessing from God..God always heard us .. in many ways..in many terms..God Bless you and family Phil..

Mel said...

Yay for you n family Phil. God do listen to believers! Never under estimate the power of God Lord! He's always here n there n everywhere for us. Living everyday is a blessing.

Well done to yr daughter kio. Congrats kanto...xoxo

Dora A-Erb said...

Phil...I do believe in the power of prayers cos I'v experienced them so many times and still experiencing them. Congrats to your daughter for getting good results... take care.

InobonG ProPer said...

Thank you! My daughter reads all the comments given here :)

Thanks kio..itu 4D my hubby yg kena dis time :))

Thanks! Too much of gambling is no good LoL hehe

Thanks. Jgn cuba2 beli 4D kama..tidak bagus tu hehehe

Ya. She was one of ur mom's student! I always remind her that Form 4 is to get prepared for SPM and not a HONEYMOON :)

Thank you kio! My daughter thanked your sister too coz she got A in her Science ;)

True enough. Students nowadays study to get a good result and not to LEARN. I always remind my children that study is to learn but good result is still important ;)

Thanks ya. God never disappoint me :)

I always believe in HIM! Thanks kio. My daughter read all comments given here and she is happy ;)

Very true! Prayer is the most important 'tool' in our life. Thank you kio...

BrokenSatellite said...

praise the lord. ur daughter passed.

how come u selalu kena 4D??!?!?!?


i blum lg kena.
tiap2 kali hampir2.
wuargh.sakit jiwa sa

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