Third MBR for St. Michael School Penampang

My former school made another Malaysia Book of Records (MBR) again! This time, they collected the largest amount of aluminum cans.

Their first MBR was the Longest Riverbank Cleaning Up, a joint effort with JC Penampang in year 2007. The second one was collecting the Biggest Amount of Recycled Coconut Shells which entered the MBR last year. Click HERE if you missed out the event.

Once again, my husband and I helped our children collecting the aluminum cans. If you ever saw a family dining at restaurants and brought back [tapau] the cans, it could be my family LOL! Even their grandma [my mother] lent her hand by contributing a few kilos of cans.

Congratulations to the teachers and students of SM St. Micahel School Penampang for this effort. Let's join our hand together to preserve the environment!


Yot said...

Yay SMSM! Now that I'm not a current student anymore, I can say that I'm very proud of St. Michael :D hehe 'cause if I were a student, I dread the fuss over it :P

I still remember the 1st MBR - I was a part of it!

InobonG ProPer said...

That should suppose to be - we must proud of our former school ;)

during our era, nothing much had been done :( That is why, I'm so glad in helping fio and owen whatever project they have in school :)

Yot said...

Yup :D

Mama Mia said...

Cheers to SMSM. I'm proud to be an ex-Michaelian. Sayang sekali time sia sikul, teda pulak activity mcm ni...

InobonG ProPer said...


Samalah kita. Time saya lagi teruk. Tiada apa2 hehehe

yinsonn said...

is it the third or second??

haha bagus la kamu tidak paya angkat2 tin p school...mo mati ni barat naik bas..haha anyway last year jga ba..=)

InobonG ProPer said...


third bah ni..
1) Longest River Cleaning up (Moyog river)
2) Biggest Coconut Shells collected
3) Largest amount of aluminum cans collected

yinsonn said...

haha owhh...tp yg tu moyog river tu + sma community penampang, haha sia lupa..

itu principal ada plan lagi next year...belum tau lagi apa

InobonG ProPer said...


ya..kamu kena suruh collect botol plastik tu kan hehehe

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