A Promise Is A Promise

Remember this post? I think it happened again ;) Maybe this is my son's luck. It all happened on one Sunday evening where I had chit-chat with my children. I asked them when is their exams. They told me, it will be on the last week of May. Then followed by a two weeks holiday. At this point, my son reminded me his up-coming birthday.

Son : Ma, my birthday is coming soon. Don't forget your promise.
[My son asked for a hand phone as a birthday gift, coz his old phone is damaged for quite some time]

Me : [Jokingly] If I strike 4D today, you don't have to wait for your birthday to get your new hand phone!

Son : Are you serious?

Me : Of course I am.

Son : Do you promise?

Me : Yes!

Then the 'magic' happened again. Checked the result and I really did strike. My son is smiling all the way and kept reminding me my promise [ouch!]

my winning ticket

the result

My son's advance birthday gift :))


Jessica said...

i like....

Vienne said...

macam mana oo..napa sa tia pernah kena kalu bili numbur????memang teda nasib la sa ni..huhuh

Yot said...

Uiseh! Slalu oh ko kna ni kan - si Fio ni punya luck kuat XD

C.Alv.B said...

Wah..congrats!!maybe I should try to buy the tickets..hehehe

Phil said...

Nanti sy belanja kalo kita terjumpa di mana2 hehehe

Kita semua ada nasib cuma bila sampai..kita tidak tau hehehe...good luck kio

Selalu kena tapi kecik2...ini kali baru kena ikan jerung hehehe

Kalo x pernah beli..bagus jangan..tidak bagus utk rohani hehehe

Alb said...

ehemm... brapa tiket? :-)

Kris and Nadia said...

wah... hebat ooo mimang anak ko pya rezeki bgs laitu kan.. :) cuba lenkali ko taruk numbur yg ko mau beli, trus ramai2 kita p beli :) ble ka? hihi :) uiyo tu number jackpot smart ooo 1 8 18 28 .. :)

Phil said...

yg sedih...tiada beli small hahahaha

kalo sy taruh numbur..lepas tu tidak kena..habis sy kena kutuk nanti hehehe

bah...beli jackpot...juta lemon sudah tu ;)

Mama Mia said...

wah..so lucky la you. Phil, bulih minta anak ko numbur ka ni? hehe..mana tau bulih tumpang dia punya 'ong'...:)

Carolyn said...

bestnya the feeling of winning kan..hehe
mo cuba2 dulu la beli 4D

Phil said...

the feeling is soooo good...hehehe
kalo mmg x pandai beli...better jgn lah Carol...jgn jadi mcm saya...ketagih LoL

suituapui said...

Ooo...so lucky! Your son would be so very happy!!! Chinese would treasure such a child - bringer of good luck!!!

InobonG ProPer said...

my son is so happy indeed..i hope more luck to come to my family :)

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