Sugandoi 2009 - Kaamatan at Inobong Proper

Sugandoi 2009 winners during Kaamatan Festival
at Kg Inobong Proper

En. Denis Gompion [organising chairman]
YB Donald Mojuntin [guest of honour]
Mdm Mauricia [winner]
Ms Junie [2nd place]
Mr Sylverinus [3rd place]

The honourable judges for the night
Ms Betcy Michael
Mr Danny F Malinggi
Ms Joy Binsol [Winner of Sugandoi Sabah State Level 2009]

The Champion of Sugandoi 2009 (Inobong Proper)

Wishing everyone a very
Happy Kaamatan
a Blessed Pentecost
May God Bless Us Always


Yot said...

Uina! Bkan alang2 pla sugandoi dorg this time hehehe

Aning said...

why u didn't come...i saw ur dad there hehehe

Yot said...

Just to recall back, I never attended the events la ~ mmg dri dulu lg 'cause last time I really didn't like the crowds...

Phil said...

forget about the crowds..we are there..hehehe

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