Club AGM & Bowling Tournament

Our office club held an AGM recently
One of the staff proposed that we should
make a trip to Bandung - the proposal was accepted
and the trip is scheduled in November this year :)

the most awaited event - Lucky Draws!

Great! my colleague dapat sabun Top
I wasn't lucky that day :(

one of the parents receiving token from the club
for her children's achievement in exam

I received RM75.00 for my daughter's achievement
in PMR last year


our club organized a Bowling Competition at CPS Bowl

one of the group photos

warming-up session

The competition was launched by our officer

One of these belongs to me :) Lucky me!
I wanted to take a picture of it at home
but upon reaching home my nephew Xander
'attacked' it first LoL

this is me - getting ready to throw the ball
I didn't realize my son took this picture ;)


AngeL BeaR said...

i never pass play bowling...i guess i was meant to shoot people..hahahaa

GregChai said...

i not good at this game too, selalu masuk parit bola sia hehehehe

Anonymous said...

cian xander kena tondos "attacking" hamper..kakkakakkk...wow pi bandung ka...ikut?
happy holy week!

InobonG ProPer said...

Me too. I play bowling once a year only :)

It means...ur tangan tidak lurus hehehe

Bukan tondos..mmg Xander kasi kuyak tu hamper. Kelaparan mengkali. All of them, diam2 saja diorang takut saya marah ;)

Mama Mia said...

Yey bowling! I love bowling tapi jarang pigi main. hehe...

Lucky u snapped a pic of the hamper awal2..klu tidak.....teda la gambar hamper yg masi santik, kemas dibalut...hihi..

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