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A disappointed salesman of Coca Cola returns from his Middle East assignment. A friend asked, "Why weren't you successful with the Arabs?" The salesman explained "When I got posted in the Middle East, I was very confident that I would make a good sales pitch as Cola is virtually unknown there. But, I had a problem, I didn't know to speak Arabic. So, I planned to convey the message through three posters..."

First poster: A man lying in the hot desert sand, totally exhausted and fainting.

Second poster: The man is drinking our Cola.

Third poster: Our man is now totally refreshed.

And then these posters were pasted all over the place.

"Then that should have worked!" said the friend. "The hell it should had!?" said the salesman.

"Didn't realize that Arabs read from right to left"


C.Alv.B said...

Wakakkaaaa.... memamg funny la phil..hehhe

Mama Mia said...

kuang,kuang,kuang...good joke phil. Me didn't know that Arabs read from right to left also...:)

Sogoh said...

hhehe...funny gila la phil :) mana dapat ooo...keep it up kio

Anonymous said...

This is funny phil ..thanks for sharing

InobonG ProPer said...

Funny indeed..that's why I'm sharing it with u all here LoL

I think in 'Jawi' they read it from right to left ;)

Somebody sent it to me via e-mail

You're welcome...I hope you had a good laugh :)

Dora A-Erb said...

LOL... that's a good one, Phil. Thanks for the laughs...

Kris and Nadia said...

hahaha... really funny :) sabar ja la :)

InobonG ProPer said...

You're welcome :)

Thanks to some people yg pandai create jokes for us to have a good laugh hehehe

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