Vote for Esther

Thank God it's Friday! Really looking foward for the weekends. I think I need rest. Cepat penat bah nowadays, maklumlah usia meningkat :)

To those of you yang mengikuti TV reality show 'One in a Million - Season 3', don't forget to watch the concert tonight at 8TV @ 9.30pm.

And if you are happen to be Esther's fan, vote for her. We want her to be in the finals. She is really talented and would make us (Sabahans) proud of her! One vote also count bah ;)

Until then, happy weekends everyone!


C.Alv.B said...

Yup..I love Esther..she so talented..I bet Tomok and Amylea is the great rival for her..Wish she can go to final...

Mama Mia said...

yup, i wont miss OIAM..i expect Nine will be out tonite.

Sure am hoping that Esther will make it to the final...:)

Joyce G Asing-Cashman said...

Phil, I have been following OIAM, too. I have been watching her performances on youtube. I hope she will make it to the final and win ;-)

InobonG ProPer said...

Esther is our only hope ;) Her closest rival is out last nite :)

Too bad, it wasn't Nine. But it's good to see Amylea out of the competition. Let's hope Nine or Tomok is out next week. Possible?

Hi Joyce
I didn't know you are following the OIAM too :) Esther is talented..let's hope she will cruise to the final and WIN!! *finger-cross*

-Gina G- said...

Dear Phil.

I really love her performance on friday.
So mantap!
Really like a professional singer already.

Phil said...

Let's hope she is still around next week! Kalo dia tiada..semua boring bah...

Anonymous said...

Yup i vote for esther ..she is really talented ..i like watching her singing ..mmg alive and energetic bah ..she deserve to be in the final and get the OIAM trophy

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