Station of the Cross 2009

We began our Station of the Cross around 7.30am
and it was already hot

' He ain't heavy, He is my Brother'

There are 14 stations
and each station's prayer was led by
a chosen family

the background scenery is the
Inobong Old Graveyard

'No problem for you, Mr George Pipin!'

Half of the crowds

Heading for the last station

Singing at the last station

It was hot, I tell you :)
We finished at around 8.30am

Getting ready for the group picture


C.Alv.B said...

Ya...we should remember the day Jesus give His life to us..

Mama Mia said...

it was hot bah lately..awal2 pagi pun the sunshine is oredi scorching!

Yot said...

Amen. Kmurang kan sngaja buat sia jeles o kan? Mntang2 sia x sna la byk btul happening...eee ~

InobonG ProPer said...


Ya bah...I got heat stroke that day! 2 hari sakit. On Easter day, saya jumpa doktor, cannot tahan sudah...

Don't you worry. This May itu youths macam ada pertandingan choir - during Kaamatan Festival. Harap-harap you are around :)

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