Another Strange Thing

Remember my post in June about the ants under the title 'Strange!'? Well another one came up at our compound.

One early morning, my hubby went down and found something weird under our guava tree. He called me down and have a look. It was like some animal's stool. We couldn't confirm what it was. So I took pictures and would show it to my father.

Later, my father confirmed that it was an animal's stool. The animal called 'Tonduyutung' (in Inobong Dusun's word). At first, we couldn't figure out what its English or scientific name.

On our last visit to the Zoo (Lok Kawi Wild Park), we found the animal. It is called 'Slow Loris' or 'Kongkang' in Malay. It's scientific name is 'Nycticebus Coucang'.

Its typical nature is, she is very shy. She won't look at you and will try hard to hide it's face :) Hence, the problem of taking pictures. I gave up!

Found this picture near its cage. So this is Slow Loris looks like. She looks cute and harmless. It also means, this animal staying near our house ;) My backyard is a hilly garden so I won't surprise there are many to come to my compound :)


Anonymous said...

adidi gitu pula tuu stool dia kan phil hehe mcm kuih jah hehehe

InobonG ProPer said...

macam carrot hehehe
tapi my dad ckp...itu slow loris tu kan...suka makan papaya..tu pasal warna stool dia orange..dan ada tu biji2 papaya hehehe

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