Bazaar - Fund Raising

Sacred Heart Inobong' Sunday School organized a bazaar in aid of building a new Religious Education Centre in Inobong to accommodate 350 learners.

Picture taken a day before the bazaar

There were many stalls - selling various types of food!

Sweet Bambangan!
My hubby bought a Lime plant

Drawings by the sunday school students on exhibition

Spoilt for choices - there were too many of them

Sunday school teachers busy selling their coupons (top left)
Gerai Pipin selling fried noodles and rice porridge and also Ice Coffee
My SIL in red shirt looking happy after buying chendol from the Makajil's stall

The crowds!

Nonsom do bakas :) & bambangan!
Rice and mushroom also on sale!

My aunt and her daughter Liza, selling nasi lemak and pudding (top left)
Roasted Chicken RM25.00 each!
Inobong Youths with their durian cakes (bottom right)

a very talented artist - Kajenjen (in black shirt)


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