Think Differently

A nice e-mail I received today. A big thank you to the person who wrote/created this.

A blind boy sat on the steps of a building with a hat by his feet. He held up a sign which said 'I am blind, please help'. There were only a few coins in the hat.

A man was walking by. He took a few coins from his pocket and dropped them into the hat. He then took the sign, turned it around, and wrote some words. He put the sign back so that everyone who walked by would see the new words.

Soon the hat began to fill up. A lot more people were giving money to the blind boy. That afternoon the man who had changed the sign came to see how things were. The boy recognized his footsteps and asked, 'Were you the one who changed my sign this morning? What did you write?'

The man said, 'I only wrote the truth. I said what you said but in a different way'. What he had written was 'Today is a beautiful day and I cannot see it'

Do you think the first sign and the second sign were saying the same thing? Of course both signs told people the boy was blind. But the first sign simply said the boy was blind. The second sign told people they were so lucky that they were not blind. Should we be surprised that the second sign was more effective?

Moral of the story : Be thankful for what you have. Be creative. Be innovative. Think differently and positively.


Billy's Mom said...

Interesting! Nice one Phil!

InobonG ProPer said...

thank u Hilda...
sometimes it's true also kan..we need to think differently to get a better returns

have a nice week ahead!

Dora A-Erb said...

That's a good one Phil... thanks for sharing.

InobonG ProPer said...

oh bo Dora...very nice..that's why i post it here

-Gina G- said...

Finally, i know already how to taruh comment cni phil.
Mau tekan control button hehe.
Really meaningful post.

InobonG ProPer said...

oh ya ka Gina?
bah..nanti sy kasi tau si Cay..dia pun ada problem mo komen sini

btw, thanks kio..
bila ko post gambar lawa2 di blog ko ;)

Anonymous said...

Phil okay sudah nii buli dah antar komen hehe kena block pop-ups lah plak tuu sebab tia buli ..anyway the article moral is good ..thanks for sharing

InobonG ProPer said...

thanks Cay..

it's good that u r back giving comments :)

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