Walk with Environment

Sunday School of Sacred Heart Church Inobong, in conjunction of its 15 years anniversary organized a Walkathon with its theme 'Walk with Environment'.

The Walkathon was divided into 8 categories:

A1 Student - Aged 13 to 17 (Female)
A2 Student - Aged 13 to 17 (Male)
B1 - Age 18 to 45 (Female)
B2 - Age 18 to 45 (Male)
C1 - Age 46 - 54 (Female)
C2 - Age 26 - 54 (Male)
D1 - Age 55 & above (Female)
D2 - Age 55 & above (Male)

Rector of Penampang Mission, Rev. Fr. Alex Sipanul did the blessing and Flag Off (Check Point 1), near the Church.

a short briefing by Mr Fidelis Sipangkui

warming up session led by Mr Gilbert Dompok

we even saw a python on the road

must get all the checkpoint cards from these gentlemen

winners - there were two winners in category A2

winners in Female Category

Group photo taken near the church compound

random photos - before and after the race
we had lucky draws too

after the event ended, we proceeded to tamu Inobong for 'mi sup' session
we were starving as we didn't take breakfast before the race

Till we meet again next time!


InobonG ProPer said...

testing 123...

Anonymous said...

phil nape ko main testing2 nii?

InobonG ProPer said...

sbb si Gina bilang..ndak dpt komen..itu yg sy pi testing2

ok sudah pula hehe

Toilet paper said...

pasal tu p pulau manukan..
kami naik bot dari jeti Jesselton..
tempat yg mau naik feri p labuan tu..ala yg ada Futsal tu..
and kami bayar RM23 pulang balik tu..
makan sendri2..
mahal makan sana tu pulau..hehe

Toilet paper said...

nampak cigu Fedilis rindu trus sa..
bangai bapa sa..

InobonG ProPer said...

thank u Max...
di Jesselton Point pula..jauhnyaaaa

ko rindu cikgu Fidelis?? uncle saya bah tu...bukan students takut sama dia ka tu? hehe

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