Servay Hypermarket Penampang Destroyed in Fire

I received a very short e-mail last Wednesday.

What history do you want to write today?

I thought it was a nice numbers. Nevertheless, I said a short prayer, "all I want is my family out of danger and in a good health"

Around 8.00pm that night, I received an SMS from a relative who lives at Kg. Nosoob. Her SMS read, "FYI: Servay Penampang is on FIRE now! Nasib kita shopping di CKS tadi kan". I thanked her for the info and quickly googled Servay. And this is the first video on YouTube I found on the net. It looked like a small fire so I thought, maybe the damage was not so big.

But then, when I read the New Sabah Times the next morning. I was so shocked and stunned to see the aftermath of the fire. Our shopping place is totally gone!

Well, a history is written on the 20.08.2008.


SiA said...

I put in my Diary for..



InobonG ProPer said...

advance juga ko ni hehehe
tp ok juga tu..just to alert ourselves bah kan

2 days after that would be my bday :lol:

-Gina G- said...


Sa pun br heard the news ni ari bah..
nokotigok my heart!
Tempat shopping sa juga ni..Pasal apa dia tebakar ni phil?

InobonG ProPer said...

Ya bah Gina..
last sy shopping sana...last sunday (17th aug)

Mengikut news...ada electric short-circuit..estimated rm30 million kerugian..

-Gina G- said...

Im gonna miss ni servay tau,
drg ada planning mau re-build ka tu ah?

-Gina G- said...

Im gonna miss ni servay tau,
drg ada planning mau re-build ka tu ah?

InobonG ProPer said...

No idea Gina...

sbb diorg sudah buka cawangan baru di Putatan..officiated on the 31st August

Jessica said...

I REMEMBER this :)

Phil said...

Of course you remember this, you were the one who sms-ed me hehehe

atukk...baru kau godeh-godeh blog sia..terkeluar semua post lama hahahaha

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