SM St. Michael School Penampang's Bazaar

SM St. Michael, Penampang organized a mini bazaar last sunday, 29 June 2008. I went there to support their activity and also giving moral support to my children.

The main purpose of this bazaar is in aid of the exchange of students between Yong Ho High School (YHHS), South Korea and SM St. Michael, Penampang itself. 20 students from YHHS, South Korea will be visiting St. Michael this month and selected students from St. Michael will return the visit to YHHS somewhere in November.

The turn-ups of this bazaar was good and personally I think, it was a successful.

Gerai Sambal, I bought sambal bilis for RM4.00

Vegetables' stall

Gerai Bunga, I spent a lot of time here :)

Gerai Hot Dog, the other stall selling burgers

Gerai Kuih-Muih, there were few more stalls selling kuih

Gerai Minuman

Chicken rice, anyone?

Gerai Ice-cream, cendol, puding etc.

Tempurung Kelapa @ Coconut Shells

In one corner, a DJ entertaining the crowds


More crowds

And while I was there, I took the opportunity to take pictures of my former school.

My former classroom - 5A1, at the corner

One of the landscaping

Nice landscaping

The old block - we occupied this block when we were in Form 2

and of course, the new block


Dora A-Erb said...
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Dora A-Erb said...
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Dora A-Erb said...

Siou... I have to delete my earlier messages due to some typos.
Anyways, I am amazed at how nice St. Michael's looks now. I went to school there, lots of happy memories, mostly fun ones :) Miaga successful Bazaar diho tokito ku... those veggies look so green, must be yummy when are cooked :)

InobongProper said...

ya..we had fun at st michael too..just ask Esther..she was my classmates from from 1-5 then later on..sama2 ambil course di ITM :)

those veggies also look fresh..tp au zou minomohi coz from there, we went to Gaya Street sunday market..koosi zou do alayu ih kinotuan poinsuang kulita :D

Anonymous said...

I attended this school long time back too ..wah thanks for the post at least i can see my old school here ..ada new block sudah aramaii tii bah tuu bazaar sia tinguk

InobongProper said...

ko ex-michalean juga pulak? u know what i missed this school. that's why everytime my children ada event..sy mesti dtg hehehe

Vivien Dumpangol said...

smsm rocks! haha....punya dekat rumah sia sudah tu...masuk sikit lagi sampai sudah

InobongProper said...

hi Vivien..mcm sy tau mana satu tu rumah ko :D

Vivien Dumpangol said...

haha...kalau ko pernah jalan short cut pi donggongon, ko tau lah tu hehe..

InobongProper said...


shortcut di Dabak..popular tu time dulu2...maybe even now pun masih tu students limpas sana

btw, do you know Jacinta Yapp or Doris Hee?

Clar3Be said...

heloo..waahh..looks good juga smsm now ah.. hope they will remain the old building the way it is la... sayang tu bangunan bersejarah..

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