You are a True Sabahan when...

I don't know whether I should post this one coz I know some Sabahan must have created this and posted in his/her blog or could have e-mailed to everybody coz I received this through e-mail from my cousin.

But this one is so good not to be shared :D So, whoever the original writer is, may I ask your permission to post it here? Thank you...

1) You drive at right lane of the road, with a speed of only 50 KM/H. If people horn behind you, you still don't know what's wrong.
Erm..I don't drive gia..

2) You have the luxury of working from 8 AM to 5 PM (get off work punctually).
I always come to the office by 7.30am and leave at 5.30 or 6.00pm

3) You don't believe that there is any "clean" politician in Sabah.
Not only in Sabah maaaa...

4) You feel "obligated" to reach the top of Mount Kinabalu at least once in a lifetime.
Never climb the mountain :D

5) You prefer a big car than a big house (probably you can't drive a big house around to show off).
I prefer big houselah..I don't need car coz I don't drive :lol:

6) You wear slipper and short wherever you go, even in city.
Slipper? Sandal ada lah and as for short, time bujang, ya but not anymore..malu bah nanti nampak tu hunok hehehe

7) You still think that Labuan belongs to Sabah
Never! How could I forget this one!!

8) You will not go to any FREE seminar / function that has no food or refreshment.
If it is instruction from the office, then, food or no food, mesti pigi maaa..

9) You don't care about service. You just want things cheap, cheap, cheap.
Service? Quality bah penting but of course cheap is most important thing

10) You know where to get your candles and torch light quickly in the total darkness (due to training by frequent blackout).
No I don't. I always grab my mobile first (ada cahaya juga bah tu handphone)

11) You know what "aramaitiee" means...
I know the real meaning but I don't think I'm gonna agree with the 'new meaning' of it :)

12) You shout "referee bodoh" and at the same time throw mineral water bottles on the pitch during a football match at Likas Stadium..
Never watch football at Likas Stadium, yet!

13) Your Timorese maid ran away with her lover, taking your money or jewellery along..
Never have Timorese or Filipinos maid. But I do hear story like they went missing with your belongings. Palis-palis...minta jauh-jauh..

14) You doubt someone's mykad wether it is real or fake..
Yes I do!

15) Your favourite assemblyman whom you vote and supported all this while...gambled away and lost a whopping 60 million ringgit in a London casino..
And why until now, belum ada action ah?? And I didn't vote for him, ok. Saya vote di Moyog/Penampang

16) You go inside a karaoke at 12 pm and realise that the place is still open at 5 am...
Lama sudah tidak pigi karaoke but the last time I went, saya pulang before midnight so I don't actually know whether they still open until dawn

17) You come across a supposedly local person but with a very foreign accent..
Ya..ada juga tu...saya pula yang malu-malu dengar orang tu bercakap 'slang' lebih-lebih :D

18) You cannot vote in an election because someone has voted on behalf of you...
So far, it never happened to me yet..hopefully not..

19) You own a bakakuk
I don't but my father ada..with licence ok...hehehe...

So now tell me, am I a truly Sabahan?


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